December 17th, 2018 at 9:36 PM ^

One 5 star gets injured, next 5 star up behind takes to National Championship as a freshman.  Fields comes in, "hey Kirby, clear the decks, I'm here!"  Wait, I'm not entitled to be the starter, I'm Justin Fields!!!  Boo f-ing hoo hoo! Too much self determined entitlement v working hard and waiting your turn.  


December 17th, 2018 at 9:07 PM ^

By signing class after class filed with guys as good as the ones who left. We don't have a single recruit in this class as highly ranked as Aubrey. 

Blow off the loss if you want to, but he's an elite player and we're now incredibly shallow on the interior DL.


December 17th, 2018 at 8:51 PM ^

I'll bite, since I don't quite get your point here.  Fields was the #1 dual threat QB last year and while Fromm was a highly-regarded QB a class ahead of him Georgia only has one QB in this class is a 3* guy to 247 who barely cracks the top 500 for them.  The fact they might have a lot of top-150 linebackers isn't really relevant to his position change, but that doesn't actually seem to be the point of your post.


December 17th, 2018 at 9:14 PM ^

Since you seem a little slow:

1. Georgia has doubled Michigan in top-150 talent. They are recruiting at over 6x the 5-star talent that Michigan is. 

2. This means its likely that they replace losing a 5-star player with a 5-star player who can step in and play at a high level. 

3. They still have Fromm. People like you mocking those concerned about Solomon leaving don't seem to get that this would actually be like Fromm leaving or Fields leaving after Fromm had left. 

4. You're not even right. Georgia has a 4-star QB in the 2019 class. 

Face it: You're just Diagonal Blue, but in the opposite direction. 


December 17th, 2018 at 9:56 PM ^

We are talking about different things, which makes sense since yours are irrelevant and mine aren't.  But let's have it.

1.  That's fantastic that they've recruited twice as many top-150 players.  We are talking about a QB here, so while I'm sure having a top-notch set of LBs is good it's irrelevant to Fields being gone.

2.  They are not replacing Fields with a 5* player.  Fromm is ahead of him and that's basically it for their depth on campus right now.

3.  Nobody said they didn't have Fromm.  That doesn't change the fact Fields left.

4.  Nope, you're wrong.  He's a 4* in the composite, but as I noted to 247's own rankings he's a 3* ranked around 430th; the composite is where he's a 4*.  And just for fun, Cade McNamara is also a 4* in the composite (275) but is actually a 4* to 247 themselves (352).  

Again, I get that you copied some stat from a 24/7 comment and will just keep copy-pasting it here, but don't get mad just because people point out where you're wrong.


December 17th, 2018 at 11:10 PM ^

1. So you aren't smart enough to understand this isn't just about one commit. Congrats. 

2. No, they haven't at this moment replaced Fields with a 5-star player. However, they are more likely to do so than Michigan from all evidence available. We are also talking about their back-up QB, not a starter. 

3. Yeah, but losing your back-up is much different than losing a starter in any sane attempt at being reasonable. 

4. Oh okay. You're going to use the rankings no one uses (one site's rankings) as opposed to the composite (three site's rankings). Does literally anyone who isn't a subscriber to one site use only their rankings? The answer is of course no, but whatever since you are desperate. 



December 17th, 2018 at 8:17 PM ^

Angelique: Just checked in w lawyer Tom Mars regarding @DanWolken breaking story on UGA transfer QB Justin Fields (UM fans know Mars from his representation of Shea Patterson —secured his immediately eligibility from the NCAA) asking if he’s assisting Fields/family. He declined comment.


December 17th, 2018 at 8:34 PM ^

Family hardship seems to be the only realistic option for a student athlete in this position to be able to play immediately at the new school - in this specific case, his family lives 85 miles from UGA’s campus in Athens meaning I can’t see how that rule could be applied in this specific situation - There isn’t a clear litigious angle either - He will be held to the applicable transfer rules - I don’t see a path to immediate eligibility