Justin Boren at OSU

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I wondered if anyone else had the same thought that I did, watching Justin Boren vs. USC; every play that I watched him, he just about destroyed his opposition.  I have not reviewed video from the game in detail, and I did not see anything but highlights from the Navy game.

But in the OSU-USC game, I made it a point to watch Boren's play, as my interest in Pryor wanes and few other Buckeyes stood out.  I actually graded Boren as near-perfect in my observation; I think he clearly gave the Bucks their best OL play of the night.

I also noted, to my astonishment, little brother Zach get put in at FB/lead blocker on an off-tackle slant that went over his big brother's side of the line and got completely blown up, with little brother Zach bouncing off a blitzing SC linebacker like he was a tennis ball bouncing off the bumper of a speeding truck.  I forgot to look and see if Zach is on any special teams (I suspect he may be, but even that is surprising).

Given the abominably bad/nonexistent reporting of the Boren family's self-determined exile from Ann Arbor (and quite possibly worse, as we wait to find out who some of Rosenberg's "former players" and "parents of 2008 team members" were), I shall be watching the performance of the two Borens with more than casual interest.

A side note on the 2009 OSU freshmen; Reid Fragel of Grosse Pointe is on the Bucks' FG unit; I did not see him get any other playing time.



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I'm probably wrong here, but I thought Boren re-injured himself recently and was going to be out for weeks with a possible October return. Can anyone confirm?

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Boren sprained his knee in early August, and it was suspected at the time that he might be out 4-6 weeks.

I'm all for truth in the telling of the Boren story; in any serious telling of the story, it is always Rich Rodriguez that is the ultimate beneficiary. Justin Boren was and is a very good player. But he didn't leave Michigan because Rich Rodriguez lacks any "family values." The "family values" that the Borens desired was a legacy scholarship for Zach. And the moment that was denied to them, Justin was yanked out of Ann Arbor. Hence, the weirdest quote in the world of sports in 2008; from Mike Boren - "I will not have my two sons playing at two different universities..." (Tell it to Archie Manning, Mike.)

I truly believe that just as bad as the Rosenberg/Freep malice, has been the generalized negligence in the reporting of the Boren story, to the extent that "family values" became the meme of the anti-RR forces for more than a year.