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What bowl games of Michigan have you been too? Which bowl games do you recommend? I'm sure the Rose bowl is #1 but one thats fun to go to and wont break the bank? I've only been to the National Championship game between USC and OU in 2005,that was alot of fun with great fans. Thanks for any help.



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I went to the Alamo Bowl against Nebraska. It was nice in San Antonio with a fair going on outside. San Antonio also has a pretty nice tourist district not far from the stadium. Flying in may not be the cheapest, but most other amenities are reasonably priced.

The fans were definitely Nebraska heavy as they had over 60% of the stadium filled in red, but everyone got along really well.


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Michigan vs. Alabama...had front row end zone seats in the end zone of the game winning TD and Alabama's missed extra point. Great game with U-M twice coming back from a 14 point deficit. Shaun Alexander was a beast, as was the monster that was Tom Brady to David Terrell. It was New Year's in Miami, so it was warm and there were a lot of other events going on. Spent a few extra days down there.


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I went to the Motor City Bowl a couple years ago when it was CMU vs Purdue. My buddy was going to CMU, so I was cheering for them, and it was a little disappointing that the Chips lost. Still, it was nice to be able to just roll out of bed and go to a bowl game.


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Where do you live? You mentioned that the Rose Bowl was great, but that you didn't want to break the bank. This will determine greatly on where you live. I live in LA, so the Rose Bowl is actually the cheapest. I've been to 3 Rose Bowls, 2 that UM was playing in and this past year with USC and PSU.

Otherwise I would recommend going to a city that you'd also like to visit. You don't want to do too much traveling just for a game, so if you can include a few touristy things as well it will make the trip seem more worthwhile (not that a UM bowl game isn't worthwhile in and of itself, but you know what I mean).


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In all honesty, outside of Austin where your brother lives, there won't be a huge cost difference for any bowl since you'll have to travel a little ways anyway. Going somewhere warm in the winter will be a huge bonus for you, no matter where it is. If you want to save some money, road trip somewhere with your buddies. Time goes by pretty quickly and it saves a ton of money.


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I live in OC so the Rose Bowl is the cheapest for me. I went to the Rose Bowel when we played USC and Texas. I was six rows up on the goal line, and seeing that Texas kick go in was heartbreaking. Considering the fact that at the moment it felt like it took the kick forever to get there and it barely made it over the crossbar.

I also went to the Holiday Bowl when we played Colorado St. I can't remember when that was. I was pretty young still, maybe 8or 9.


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and the 2000 Citrus Bowl win over Auburn 31-28. Great stories surround both events and they will live on until Alzheimers takes full control over all 90 of my IQ points.


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This game is right up there with the 05' Penn State game for me; back and forth action + Lloyd's last game = Amazing. Plus a week in Florida, ahhhh, can't beat it.


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Unfortunately, I have never been to a Michigan bowl game. Most of the time they're somewhere too far away for me to go since generally Michigan is a nicer bowl game which tends to mean the south or the Rose bowl.

I have gone to the Motor City Bowl for the last three years though. I've enjoyed it immensely. It could be that I liked it so much since I hadn't seen any football live since whenever Michigan's last home game was, or it could be that I was with a bunch of CMU alums (my sister's husband's family) and CMU was playing in it all 3 years, but either way it was great. Ford Field is a nice place to watch a game... as long as the Lions aren't playing.

Now, I'm not going to say that Detroit is a fun place to bring the family on December 26th but it's not as bad as its reputation would make you think.

So, I guess this post is sort of worthless to you since I haven't been to a Michigan bowl and I don't have any to recommend. Sorry. But if you happen to be in Michigan on the day after Christmas then it might not be a bad way to spend your evening.

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I went to the 1979 Gator Bowl as a kid, and a Leach Era Orange Bowl vs, Oklahoma as a kid. I went to 1987 Rose Bowl as a Student. Took Family to Citrus Bowl. I have went to three Rose Bowls since, including taking my son twice. Always liked California best. LA Zoo, Universal, Disney, plus any place an alternative band has sung about Beverly Hills (Weezer) Santa Monica (Everclear) is cool with kids..... Perhaps its because I travel to Florida 3-4 per year. California is special.

Although my parents said San Antonio was nice, I would never go there since reminds me of a certain coaches name.

PS I purged my children's closets of all items red and green today. GO BLUE.....


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I was at the Hall of Fame Bowl at the old Sombrero. I think it was '94.(93 season) I was 14 at the time and it was really cool! Great memories.