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I know a lot of writers don't check minute details before publising their work, but this guy seriously needs to hire a fact checker NOW.

After today’s Capital One Bowl embarrassment Michigan State coach Rich Rodriguez may not have too many days left with the Spartans. Alabama won by a score of 49-7. Alabama’s Crimson Tide dominated Rodriguez’s team on both sides of the ball all 4 quaters.

The chatter of Rich Rodriguez’s demise go louder after today’s loss as did the speculation of Stanford coach Jim Harbaugh taking the reins of The Spartans next year. The smart money has Coach Jim Harbaugh taking the San Francisco 49ers position.

One NCAA analyst that I spoke to today said if Jim Harbaugh takes the San Francisco 49ers position Michigan might not be too quick to pull the trigger on a new coach. Michagan might take a wait and see attitude to see how the NFL’s coaching shake up continues this season.

There are high profile marquee coaches on the unemployment line; Michigan might want some of that pro talent in East Lansing. Wade Danials, Brad Childress, Jon Fox, Mike Singletary and Josh McDaniels have all been fired midseason. There are plenty more pinkslips that will be handed out Monday morning. One coach who is expected to be sent packing is Miami Dolphins’ coach Tony Sparano.

Despite The Miami Dolphins mediocre record Tony Sparano is considered to be a top coach. The offensive minded task master could spark the fire that the Spartans are missing. Some feel if The Dolphins decide to part ways with Sparano he would still find a Head Coaching job in the NFL. Most likely he would return to his role as an Offensive Coordinator.

Instead of taking a step back Tony may prefer what some would consider a lateral move. The Michigan State job gives Tony Sparano the chance to coach college ball again. Sparano was the Head Coach at University of New Haven from 1994–1998 .This time around Tony would be coaching a Big Ten school not a NCAA Division II team. This could be a great fit for Sparano and The Spartans. It will be interesting to see how this all falls into place.



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This is one of the most hilarious and confusing things I've ever heard. I love that it's all about State, then he slips Michigan into the third paragraph.

Also, how the heck would this guy have any inside knowledge from an NCAA analyst — LOL!

Abe Froman

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ya think?


here's an except from another one of the author's posts:



Kitten eating rumors continue to haunt Manny Pacquiao. We reported before the Floyd Mayweather Jr vs. Manny Pacquiao that never took place that Manny Pacquiao had tested positive for dander. Dander is a substance found in kitten fur. It has been long reported that boxers have been eating kittens for their performance enhancing qualities.

One boxer interviewed for our story was quoted as saying “eating kittens will give you better results than HGH, steroids or any other performance-enhancing drugs.”