Just a thought re D-line next year

Submitted by 1M1Ucla on December 24th, 2009 at 11:46 AM

Saw a note on Rivals saying RVB may go to BG's spot next season.

I wonder if Martin will move out to RVB's 5-spot and make room for Big Will in the middle? With Roh getting another year bigger, smarter and stronger (still can't believe he played that spot as a true Newbie), and some good alternatives at the Stevie's SAM spot (any of the safeties-turned-SAMs), I like that front 5.

The past couple recruiting classes could yield some real performers next year, like Demens, Fitz, Turner, Teric, and some others. It's still iffy whether that can be a good complete defense, but I like the parts and the potential.



December 24th, 2009 at 1:34 PM ^

if he's anywhere near his 5 star potential. His development goes a long way in replacing Brandon. A team is going to lose effectiveness anytime a player of Brandon's caliber departs, but with everyone else getting a year older and wiser, the loss will be diminished some. Hopefully someone steps up and becomes the next big time player.


December 24th, 2009 at 2:31 PM ^

NT: Campbell, Sagesse, HANKINS!?
DT: Martin, Banks, Patterson, ASH, TALBOTT
DE: Van Bergen, LaLota, Heininger, WILKINS, MURPHY
Q: Roh, Herron, Watson, PASKORZ, KINARD

in passing situations i wouldn't be surprised to see...

NT: Martin, DT: Van Bergen, DE: Roh, Q: Ezeh


NT: Martin, DT: Van Bergen, DE: LaLota/Wilkins, Q: Roh.


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Why do posts like this ge negged? I know this kid goes a little overboard with the depth charts at times, but this was interesting to me, and certainly doesn't warrant a down point, IMO.

Don't neg a post just because you've disliked other posts by the same poster. Also, post.


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I think it makes a lot of sense to move RVB to Graham's spot, especially in rushing downs. I think they have more depth at DT. But I suspect that you'll see him move back inside on passing downs with Campbell goes to the bench and they bring in someone else on the edge. Maybe LaLota or Wilkins or Herron.

But my suggestion? I think they should turn Ezeh into a DE next season. It's highly unlikely he's going to earn back the trust of the coaches at MLB. I think he's got decent size and speed to rush the passer from the edge. And I think he could be pretty good if you take away some of his decision making responsibilities and just tell him to go after the passer. Why not give it a shot?


December 25th, 2009 at 8:20 PM ^

The strength of the DL should be at the DT position next year. I would think that they would have to find a way to get Campbell on the field in order to force more double teams in the middle with Martin, thereby bolstering what appears to be a somewhat weak pass rush next year.

Sack totals the last 4 years:
2006 - 42
2007 - 33
2008 - 29
2009 - 22

Where is the pass rush going to come from in 2010's group? I want to think that Roh can be an impact pass rusher but he has to prove it after only having 2 sacks last year, and this when the guy opposite him was getting a constant double team. It also strains credulity to expect too many 'coverage sacks' with next years secondary expected to be very young.

I think that they are going to have to blitz LB's next year...a lot. This could be a plan that precipitates the Ezeh to DE move but otherwise I think it leaves a bad taste in everyone's mouth concerning Ezeh's career.

I don't mean to be a downer, I just don't see this unit being much more effective than last year's. I do see a lot of youth and potential and I just hope a few playmakers emerge.