Just finished bowling with Denard Robinson! PIC now posted!

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Guys, I just had an awesome evening! My wife and I both graduated from UM and my wife is an auditor for UM. She has a yearly bowling outing, and guess who walks in?? Denard Robinson! I will tell you guys that I have been around a fair amount of Michigan football players, and this kid is a class act and will make us proud one day. I was trying not to be too excited and didn't approach him, but he actually came over and introduced himself to me. Since he broke the ice, I asked if he would take a picture with my son, and he did! By the way, he is a great bowler.. Great kid, and will go very far in life.



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  Cool Story Bro.... I love this kid, forget "Make us proud one day," Denard has already made me proud as a UM fan, but I have no doubt that he will continue to do so as a senior and as a Michigan Man after his college career


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Is it just me or does Denards "celebrity" status go beyond just being the QB at Michigan? I happened to be in a suite at the Palace next to one Henne was in his senior year and got a chance to chat with him for 15 minutes. Great kid by the way. Anyways it didn't seem like that big a deal to me and I didn't even bother taking a photo. I would be much more excited to get the same opportunity with Denard.


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Out of principle I dont give out my email but can I Just say "wow". That would be sweet. I have read other posts similar to this one and they all seem to say the same thing. That he is exactly the same on the field or in front if the camera as he is off the field. Congrats on the cool events. I just can't help but love this guy.

Lucky Socks

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Does your son understand how cool this picture and meeting was?  I know a 6-13 year old would have been speechless, but I think it might go over a 3 year olds head.  Then again, Denard appeals to all ages.  In either case your family is gonna love this photo for many years.  


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The running joke of the night was after anyone bowled a strike, they made the "i'm hungry" motion..he laughed for a while when he saw that.

Victor Hale II

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Sort of a side note here, but did anyone notice Denard's actions after the spring game this year? As he was running off the field into the locker room, he made a real, genuine effort to slap hands with many of the fans who were lined up with their hands out. Seems simple and benign perhaps, but I've usually seen most players totally ignore the fans or give a token "five" or two. In fact, Fitz was right by Denard and gave just a couple of half-hearted slaps. The juxtaposition of the two players' actions really helped cement Denard's already iconic status in my mind. I am not bagging on Fitz, by the way; I'd probably have avoided the crowd, too. But then again, I'm pretty much an introverted asshole.


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Forget your Kid.. I would have been in that pic in a heartbeat.. He is one of my favorite players of all time at michigan..He shows grace and humility when he could easily big time it.. From the Basketball games, to helping the State thugs ( gholston) up after each play, to never taking the credit and praising the team... He is truly someone to admire


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To be Michigan Men, not just football players. Denards development as a leader and being more proactive is what all rivals should fear. Everytime he brings our offense up to line of scrimmage this year, defensive units and coordinators should be seriously worried.

The fact that he takes the time and goes out of this way to be a part of the community shows a progression beyond his first couple of years. Everyone loves this kid.

Btw - To the poster....you got a cute kid, hopefully Future Wolverine.

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