Just Fields granted immediate eligibility

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https://twitter.com/brucefeldmancfb/status/1093983660145950720?s=21 Because of he course he is. Took about 2 weeks. Lol



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Shea's story has its own weak points.  It was all based on the coaches lied to me.  His brother was one of the coaches.  Also, do you really believe the best QB in his class from Toledo Ohio ends up going to Ole Miss without some sort of back room deals going on?

As to the timelines - UM took months to get the required paperwork filed.  Ole Miss fought the transfer.  Both of those things slowed the process down tremendously.  OSU filed right away.  With Haskins leaving for the pros they needed to know ASAP.  UGA did not fight the transfer request.  Thus it was a very speedy process.

In this same idea I would expect Martell to be declared eligibly soon at Miami.  OSU is not going to fight the transfer at all.  Word is he is a locker room cancer.  If Miami gets the paperwork in he should be cleared by the end of the month.




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Yes, I'm sure his brother was kept in the know about the NCAA investigation since Freeze knew it was going to fuck them and would kill recruiting if everything was discovered. 


That's normally something you share with a low level coach you hired to make a top tier recruit happy. Probably chatted about it over some Chardonnay. 

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this pretty much sums up how the rest of college football and especially osu sees us. We think we have it worse and we are victims all the time. Take a look around guys, we bitch and moan and pout. Not one person here knows what Fields case was, I actually followed it pretty close and have looked for details multiple times to see if he or his lawyer said what it would be based on. Nothing, his lawyer said the racial incident is not the only or the sum of the reasons why he asked to leave, that it was a lot more. So how the fuck do we know Shea had a stronger case? because we wanted him? gtfoh with this victim mentality, I'm not of the party that wants to beat them at full strength, just want to beat them, but this whole whaa whaaa whaaaa this isn't fair, They like ohio state better and they cheat too, We need to grow some fucking balls around here and quit blaming ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that doesn't go our way on "bagmen" "cheating" or some mythical reasoning that the NCAA has it in for us but not O State.  Patterson's case was ACTUALLY pretty fucking weak if you knew anything about it and shocked A LOT of people that HE not some of the other players got immediate eligibility.  Ole Miss and MIss St. both have been in a dual for who can pay more $$$ to get players and there are documentaries about it soooo did Shea take some cashola or was he the moral fiber (only one apparently) that ran thru the program? 

Sorry to piss on your post but I'm pretty tired of us blaming everything in the college football world that doesn't go our way on elusive bagmen or cheating and we are standing on some moral high.  JFC we need to just say good for them, we control what we can control and that's it. 


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Shut the fuck up, why are you glad he's eligible? So we can get our teeth kicked in even harder? Spare me with the "I want to beat them at full strength" line, because we haven't beaten them in 7 years, so I'd just like to actually beat them. I genuinely want them to have to start a walk on at QB.


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I'm not surprised.  They should just drop the requirement guys need to sit out.  If coaches can leave, so can student-athletes.  It would also help eliminate the charade that is "people yelled mean things at me from the stands" defense.  Or the "Hugh Freeze lied to me, and that was unexpected" rationale Patterson had to use last year.


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I see a few more nuances here. If I try to put myself in Fields's shoes, I think that would have been a pretty disturbing incident. The guy was a flat-out asshole, and you would wish that he had been kicked out of school as well as off the team.

But the guy was punished.

Obviously, Jackie Robinson and the early pioneers of Black baseball were a lot tougher than Fields.

But we don't honestly know what's up at UGA, or how Field felt and in truth every kid wants to play, to maximize his chances to play and advance his career. And in the end it should just be his right to move on. Shae did, and Fields used Shea's lawyer. And while we can quibble about Fields not having to sweat the process, UGA didn't challenge the transfer like MSU did. 

The problem is the f*cking hypocrisy of the NCAA, keeping its half-*ss rules, failing to enforce them equally, making one guy sit a year while another can play. That's actually a fixable problem, though. 

What's not fixable is that in this kind of environment the best players are always going to want to play for the most successful teams, the teams where the benefits are obvious, teams where they will win. The rich are, nine times out of ten, going to stay rich or get richer.

As a Michigan fan I want to destroy OSU, and hate their double-dealing, lying coaches and players, who don't want to play school. But the whining here is. . . a little whiney; we got Shea only last year. 

We could be Rutgers. The world, I am sure, looks even less fair from down there.  


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Who are you to say who's tougher or not? Jackie didn't have a choice when he endured the racism, as that was his only option. You think he volunteered to deal with white people's racism every day, no it was just the best option. Fields has the option to leave racism. Get off your pedestal.


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Let me meet you halfway and say that to the extent my comment about Fields suggests he should have stayed and toughed it out, or something, I take it back. The rest of my comment, you'll notice, suggests that we don't know what he was going through, and gives him the benefit of the doubt in leaving. I think it's you who's high-horsing it a bit, but you're right--I don't know his circumstances, and certainly am not living them. 

But--re: Jackie Robinson--he did have a choice. He and Branch Rickey spent hours talking over the hell that he was going to go through, which he spent years going through, suffering one a**hole after another, and whether or not he really wanted to do it. 

EDIT: College baseball is still pretty damned white. FSU, where my nephew played, currently has one Black player and three Hispanic kids on its 35-man roster. If Fields wanted to play baseball, too, then a welcoming atmosphere on OSU's squad might have played as big a role as his opportunity to helm the football team. I was really much more interested in pointing out that we have benefited from players moving, and that Fields and all kids have a right to maximize their potential. 



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You have to remember Fields was a MLB prospect coming out of high school and was supposed to play baseball at UGA as well.  The student who called him the racial name was a member of the baseball team.  The student not only was not kicked out of school but still had friends on the baseball team.  That did make it impossible for Fields to play baseball for UGA.

I had always thought if I was his lawyer I would claim he wanted to play baseball at OSU.  Then have him go out for the first couple practices and then if he gets cut he gets cut.  But it would make the immediate eligibility a requirement.