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Submitted by Wolverine Incognito on March 8th, 2011 at 7:00 PM

Hey y'all, I'm listening to sports talk radio in Columbus right now.  Tressel is getting a 250,000 fine and two game suspension next year according to them.  More to come.



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I would wildly speculate that the tat guy was tied up in a drug conspiracy and in tracking his cash flow they came up with the trinket dealing.  At minimum though, this means those 5 were tied up with a character more unsavory than the average college town booster.


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This is just the school's self-imposed penalties.  Tressy will still have to go before the NCAA where they will determine if he lied to them in December.  If it is determined that he lied to the NCAA they will come down on him similar to what they are going to do the Bruce Pearl at Tennessee. 


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Who suspended Pearl for half of the SEC's league games - the SEC or Tennessee?  Considering they both lied to the ncaa it wouldn't look to good if the SEC levies a harsher penalty than the big ten or Tennessee levies a harsher penalty than OSU.


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The NCAA bought off on the 5 game suspensions for the players, and it was ridiculous and everyone knew it. They took a huge hit in credibility in exchange for the bowl $. But Tressel WAS A PARTY TO all those discussions, and didn't say a word. He said things during those discussions about morals and punishment and redemption. He said 5 games would do it and his boys would make it right. And he was lying to their face the whole time, and even if they wanted to sweep it under the rug they can't - Yahoo exposed it.
The NCAA can't ignore this, it would mean the end of their organization. And like everyone else, they love themselves more than anything else.
2 games isn't nearly the end here. I don't know why the NCAA allowed themselves to be quoted by the AD as being involved with TSIO's investigation, but it's odd. 2 games is odd, the whole presser was odd. My guess is that today was just a stall tactic until they figure out what the hell to do.


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He's using the word "probably" a lot. I "probably should have" done this, and it "probably would have been a good idea" to do that.

I just want to know what actually happened.


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tressel is a complete liar (so is the AD standing next to him).  here he is a head coach of a top program for 10 yrs, yet he says he didn't have a good understanding of how to handle legal issues.

WHAT A CROCK!!!  he admitted he's had a player murdered, others involved in drugs and others incarcerated during his coaching career.  yet he doesn't know to go to the universities legal council to seek advice when an issue arises.

complete nonsense.  the ncaa better hit these lying bastards hard!

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I can't wait until we just beat his ass in a game, instead of complaining about the level of punishment he received. I'm glad they didn't fire him yet, I'd rather he get fired after loosing to U of M too many times.


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He is trying to spin it that a couple guys were involved with drugs and had to sell memorabilia to pay drug debts.

That or there is a totally new wrinkle involving drugs.


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From the Bucknuts forums:


"What happens to the person that sold out the program? They must be somebody close, a compliance person, the person that came to Tress with the info on the players. Tressel must know who it is. My question is obviously this person if we find out who it is, is going to get all kinds of blame. Think Steve Bartman type treatment. Death threats and stuff like that. They will for certain have to move out of C-bus. Whistle blowers aren't usually treated kindly no matter what business they are in. So what happens to him/her? And if you were this person, would you have turned your program in? A program that you love?"


Classy OSUfan.  You should see all the replies in support.


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I think a lot of people here would go to the AD and tell them they have a chance to self-report before they do it themselves, and know its for the good the program in the long run.  Thats definately what I would do.


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Where are the notice of allegations, the deep muliple months investigations, and the hearings before the NCAA? So this guy gets to own up to lying only after the media outed him, and gets this all to go away instantly by sitting out a couple cupcake games and writing a check?

This doesn't warrant a finding of lack of institutional control or failure to promote an atmosphere of compliance or any of that bad stuff? Or at least an investigation into whether that exists.?

Come on. This is nonsense. Total nonsense.  This is an insult to every school that has been put through hell for lesser offenses than lying to the NCAA.


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I know a bunch of you predicted this but I really thought that school in Ohio would rise up to do the right thing. . .instead they are rushing to defend his character.  Gangsta' justice. 

And what is all of this BS about feelings?  That's their defense, he feels bad?  This is so far over the top that I'm not sure the national media can ignore it.