Junior Hemingway Released by KC

Submitted by ommeethatsees on September 1st, 2012 at 10:01 AM

Junior Hemingway was unfortunately waived by the Chiefs yesterday.  It does appear, however, that he will be kept on their practice squad.



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That sucks. I suppose the silver lining for the team is that, despite how good Junior was while he was here, it just goes to show how much higher this team's ceiling is once we have elite NFL talent again at the WR position.


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While at UM he was an undeniable clutch WR and a leader for the younger guys to lean on, but this is different than RVB being cut. I wish "Big Play Hemingway" the best and I would love to see him set a sunday on fire for some team in the league, but I don't know if it's likely.





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Hopefully he lands on his feet, but I think this kind of highlights the talent drop UM experienced toward the end of the Carr era and into RR's tenure. 

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It looks like Hoke will get this team back to the loaded squads we saw in the mid-2000s, and that should help.


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Unfortunately, with a few exceptions, the talent level that we are used to having was just not there.  In a few years, this will be ancient history.


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Unfortunately RVB is not one of the 7 named to the Panthers' PSqd.  They have one opening left, but they kept 5 DEs on their regular roster so they're probably looking for other positions.  Not all teams have named their practice squads yet, so there's still hope for the others. 

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A cousin of his works at my son's daycare...my wife took him in Friday wearing his "M" gear and the cousin noticed and asked her about it.  My wife told her that her husband was the Michigan fan and was trying to make sure his son was raised right.  The cousin then asked my wife if I knew who Junior Hemingway was and she said of course, and that's when she told my wife about the relation.

Anyway, I hope he finds a gig somewhere.  Without him Team 132 would've been A LOT less memorable.