J.T. Floyd issues public apology

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You can find the full statement at the link below ($).  Here's an excerpt from the seemingly very sincere apology.  Best of luck to him in the future.


Although I looked forward to finishing my college football career playing against South Carolina in the Outback Bowl, I fully understand the decision Coach Hoke had to make by suspending me from the bowl game. I have called Ann Arbor my home for the last five years, and I can honestly say that everyone here will remain an integral part of my family.




EDIT:  Turns out it's not paywalled after all, thanks dnak438.



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I can see it and I'm not an ESPN subscriber.

Here's the first paragraph

I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to the University of Michigan, my fans, my friends, my coaches, my teammates, but most importantly, my parents, my daughter, and my family for a poor decision I made this past weekend in celebration of successfully completing my undergraduate degree.


Arizona Blue

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I feel bad for him..its tough to really pass judgement on him considering he celebrated in the same way that probably a couple thousand other recent graduates did. Congrats on graduating, good luck J.T. Hope courtney is ready.....


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My gut says it's probably weed. But there's really no sense in speculating as to the exact thing that got him into trouble. The important thing here is to recognize that he's handling it in a mature way, and that he fully understands coach Hoke's decision (which reflects very well on both of them in my opinion). 


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It probably wouldn't be ridiculous considering he let his entire team of, what, 85 players (not to mention all those linked to the program) down and set them back by doing something stupid he knows he should not be doing.  All the other players were able to refrain from it.  But not him.  So he definitely should be apologetic and kudos to the kid for stepping up and taking it like a man.


Lucky Socks

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I don't think he's apologizing for the act (whatever it may be) that got him suspended.  I think he's apologizing because he feels awful about letting his teammates, coaches, the fans, and most of all himself down.  This was going to be his last game in a winged helmet against his hometown school.

I have a lot of respect for JT for taking the time to write this and take responsbility.  Showed remorse and plenty of emotion and I'll remember him fondly as a Michigan man, despite his unfortunate last act.  Hate to see someone end and an otherwise proud career on this note.  


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Unbelievably repentant and responsible statement; it's refreshing to not see him blame whatever he did on his friends, bad influences in his life, teammates, or any other scapegoat that sometimes happens when athletes (or people in general) get in trouble.


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I can't lie and say I'm not curious to find out what happened.  But at the same time, maybe it's for the best that we don't.  Coach Hoke made his decision, and I'm sure it wasn't easy to suspend Floyd for his last game.  At the same time, it shows that our coaching staff really is sticking to their guns and making sure they run a program that everyone will respect; a program run the right way. 

Floyd will have to re-hash this incident to any NFL team that inquires his way, there's no need for us to dwell on it.  He's 23 years old, and probably did something that easily warranted the suspension.  However, his apology (at least in print) seems as sincere as any I've ever read in a simlar circumstance, and by not releasing the actual indiscretion, and simply stating a violation of team rules, it will better the unviersity and the players move on.

Here's to wishing Floyd a prosperous career in whatever he does.  He's a pretty good athlete, and has a Michigan degree to boot.  Not too shabby.


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Dang. Everybody screws up..its easy to ignore it and let it go away over time. That's my kind of dude who owns it, takes responsibility and apologizes to the people he feels he let down.


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I don't think anybody expects a "Michigan man" (or woman, for that matter) to be perfect, but I think we absolutely expect them to be responsible for their actions and decisions. I was never a huge fan of JT on the field, but this makes me a fan of him off the field. 

Congrats to him for graduating and best of luck in the future. Definitely proud that he's now a fellow alum!

R Kelly

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I have no inside info, but I think we can all put the pieces together and make an educated guess as to what he got in trouble for.  He claimed he made a poor choice while out celebrating.  Probably not alcohol related since he is of legal age and we haven't seen any police reports.  So that leaves...


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If you want to succeed in the sports world going forward, you have got to get this apology thing down.  The key is to not really apologize for anything nor even acknowledge that your conduct played a role in anything.  Try this.

I would like to issue an apology (not even really apologizing, you are just issuing something) to anybody that was upset or offended by what transpired (nothing you did, it was just an occurence, like in a fate kind of way) over the weekend.  This was an unfortunate event (once again, nothing you did, it was like HAARP or something dude) that took place and I hope that all of those involved (not you man, everybody that was involved) can do their best to get on with their lives (in this last line you are actually mocking people that care about sports enough to consider your conduct as your business-a nice little touch)  as soon as possible. 

Practice man, practice.


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That has to be tough being suspended for your last collegiate game, especially a bowl game. He clearly has handled it with class and humility and I wish him the best of luck. I'm assuming he doesn't have much chance of being drafted or playing on sundays?


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I feel bad for him and I'm glad he's taking full responsibility. I don't think he can totally blame it on one night of partying though because I'm pretty sure Michigan, like most teams has a policy where you can fail at least one drug test before it even becomes public. So this would more than likely be at least the 2nd or 3rd failed test.

no joke its hoke

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I'm probably alone on this,but if they got busted smoking pot I couldn't care less. Which who knows for sure what they did but this seems to be what most people are saying. Hopefully one day we will live in a country were smoking weed is like drinking a beer,but I do understand the side others feel on this matter. They are college kids and I for one don't hold it against them as long as they didn't put anyone in danger. Good luck to JT.