JT Compher breaks his foot

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Arguably one of Michigan's best hockey players has broken a foot while practicing with the U.S. World Jr. team. He will likely miss games against Wisconsin and MSU (Jan 10-11 23-24 respectively). That could be a big blow as he is tied for the points lead. I hope we get him back for the home series against Wisonsin Jan 31.



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Well....I wonder what else can be thrown at us in these final 2 weeks of the year. Those of us left standing tall after all this are the definition of resilient fans. 

Go Blue! I hope for a speedy recovery!

Wolverine Devotee

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Before 2013 I was worried something bad was going to happen since the year has 13 in it. That's just the kind of person I am. I avoid 13 anything.

I was duped into thinking this year would be great with the amazing NCAA Final Four run.

And then the 2013-14 athletic season happens. Fuck the whole fucking year.


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At this point, it is comical.  

Not injuries of course, those are not, but the string of unfortunate no-good-at-all things around our football and basketball teams has apparently spilled in to hockey as well.

Let's hope when the calendar changes to 2014, our fortunes change as well.


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I blame Sparty

The devil's agreement is that in order for MSU to have success, the Tigers, Red Wings, Pistons, Lions, and U-M must be mediocre. Since Sparty started winning the Tigers have had a questionable offseason, Red Wings are injured beyond all reason and are losing, Pistons are 50/50, Lions are imploding, and we know what's happened to us.

Selfish bastards.


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MSU is awful and Wisconsin is mediocre. With the goaltending we've been getting, we should still be able to win 4+ of those 6 games ime. Losing Compher sucks but we're deep enough at forward that this team should be able to make it without him for however long he's out

Hopefully we'll get him back for the Feb series @Minnesota. Thats when we'll need him


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On Compher's injury
SBN College Hockey:

Compher being cut is a result of injury. He blocked a shot during practice on Monday, and was seen wearing a walking boot after Tuesday night's exhibition game. The fact that he was cut so early in the process means there was no hope he'd have been able to play for the US team in this tournament, and would seem to confirm rumors that his foot is broken.

US of Hockey

It’s an unfortunate loss for Team USA and it’s also too bad for Compher. He’s been one of the go-to guys for USA Hockey at the U18 level and would have been a solid player in the WJC. It also hurts Michigan, as they prepare for a tough second half of the season, but a timeline for his recovery was not known at this time.

On Motte's play (in an exhibition against Minnesota State)
SBN College Hockey

Two of the bubble guys that really stood out to me tonight were forward Tyler Motte and defenseman Jaccob Slavin. Motte kept things simple and played his role perfectly. He got pucks deep, kept his shifts short, was relentless in pursuing the puck, and had a few scoring chances.

US of Hockey

Tyler Motte — Motte was relentless in puck pursuit and always seemed to find ways to make plays. He was great on the penalty kill. There were a few sketchy decisions late in the game, but he was mostly strong and showed good speed.

(Copp didn't play as he is one of the "locks" for the team)

Sac Fly

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Listening to Jim Johannson this morning, Compher did enough to make the team. He also said the leadership is coming together from a core of players, and that group is supposed to include Andrew Copp.

As for our lineup, center is the deepest position on the roster.  Boo Nieves will be the 1st line center for the GLI and stay in the Top-6 until Compher comes back, which will give him an opportunity to skate with goal scorers on his line for a change.

The 3rd and 4th line center spots for the GLI will be between Lynch, Selman and Hyman.


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I'd assume that those three would take up the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th line center spots. My money's on (in order) 12, 20, 10, 11.. It'll be interesting. We're missing Center's 1 and 2, so we'll have to push everyone else up

Sac Fly

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That projection looks good to me. Lynch has never been a Top-6 center, but Hyman hasn't played center full time since his freshman year and Selman has only had a few games as there as well.

Also Sinelli is going to have to move back to forward, and Mike Chiasson will take his spot on defense.


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I fucking wish those idiots had been right about the world ending in 2012 so we couldve been spared from the year long death march that was 2013. Fuck

Adam Schnepp

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Though he may only miss a couple of series for Michigan you have to feel bad for him for not being able to experience the WJC.

He's one of the few guys who I think sets the tone for the team with his two-way play. Not that I think we'll slide back into last season's lack of urgency, but he will certainly be missed while he's out of the lineup.


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First off, I wish the young man a speedy recovery and am sorry it happened to him at a time when he could have represented the U.S. in a big-time tournament.

Secondly, Damn, The Notre Dame game must have been the moment 2013 decided that we can't have nice things.  This is starting to become absurd.

I'm actually starting to I think it might be me:

Air Force had it's worst football season ever

Tottenham Hotspur got destroyed by Man City and Liverpool and fired the manager, despite bringing in tons of new talent.  Oh, and I forgot Real Madrid deciding it had a right to Spurs best player and tapped him up

I'll say this right now, I am trying to find that damn gypsy.