JT Barrett was driving a brand new Ford Explorer with dealership tags

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So says a OSU poster on the Ozone board. Can't wait to hear Gene Smith tell us this is just another "isolated incident."

I wish we could just ship those cheating cooler poopers off to the $EC where they belong.





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"I thought you were just saying in general. A $50,000 car is kind of expensive, but not really."

In general, $50,000 for a vehicle is not that expensive. There are a myriad of >$50,000 options on the market. I see many $100,000 vehicles a day. There are $1,000,000 vehicles. $10,000,000 vehicles even.

I am no English professor, but I didn't read anything in his post stating anything about his purchasing power, how much he makes, whether $50,000 is a lot or a little to him personally etc. He made a factual observational statement.


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I don't disagree with you one bit.  I was merely pointing out that saying "it's not that expensive,"  is accurate given there are far more expensive vehicle readily available.  Erego in the range of prices for cars ($0 - $10,000,000) it is pretty low on that scale.  The less expensive side of that scale.  It is also accurate to say it is 50% more expensive than the average vehicle, so relatively, it is on the expensive side. 

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The median household income in the world is $10,000. So relative to planet earth a $50,000 is insanely expensive. In many countries $50,000 would be enough to retire on. I've had cars 100 K + so I'm not just saying this because I don't understand it. I actually realize how lucky I am to be in a position where even any new car is feasible.


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Some of my friends played for Mich and lots of players drove brand new SUVs on our team. How? They get a stipend as part of their scholarship for room and board.  It amounts to like $700/mo for rent, which is about median rent for a room near central campus AA.  What many of them would do is live way off campus, sometimes as far as Ypsi, pay $200/mo for rent and use the difference to lease a ride.  Just different priorities for some people.

It's a red flag (especially given what we know about C-bus auto dealers in the past) but not an obvious sign of guilt.


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responding to a post that implied a new car, any new car, is "obvious" that something is awry.  I'm just saying, that's not necessarily fair. $500/mo will lease you a very nice vehicle, fully equipped But yes, in this case, the dealer tags are highly suspect, especially with the history c-bus car dealers have. The dealer tags are the key here more than just a new car.

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I think Drinking and Driving is a huge mistake in general, and you can easily destroy lifes. I see a ton on Twitter giving some major crap, but I'm thankful he didn't wreck his or someone else's lives.

HOWEVER, the new Ford Explorer opens some questions that the NCAA will never look into.