Jourdan Lewis to be tried on domestic violence charge

Submitted by Wolverine In Iowa 68 on April 12th, 2017 at 10:23 AM

After reading the original reports, it looked like a he-said/she-said, and I leaned toward Jourdan's version as sounding more plausible.  But there was apparently enough to go to trial.  Wish the best for all involved and hope the truth comes out.…



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Or she did it right. Maybe the night of her report Jourdan came to her and said its over. Wanted to break it off before the draft, before he got paid.

She saw her only opportunity for the money was to concoct this episode and either (a) convince him to stay with her or (b)try to ruin him when she realized he wasn't staying with her

This is all IF she is accusing him falsely of course. If there really was a DV incident more power to her


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You can't have it both ways. By talking him into staying, she proved she wasn't into his money. Obviously something in the relationship soured to the point where they both became physical with each other, but he said last year that he stayed because she convinced him it was the best idea. IIRC, she said she wouldn't date someone without a college degree, no matter how much he would have been paid in the NFL.

Cali's Goin' Blue

April 12th, 2017 at 4:33 PM ^

We're saying that we don't know the facts, and just because we liked Jourdan as a football player for UM, doesn't mean that his ex-girlfriiend is a gold digger. I personally think he has a good chance of being innocent, but just as you pointed out that we shouldn't assume he is a womanbeater, we also shouldn't assume that his ex is a lying gold digger. Does that make sense to you?

kevin holt

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As a lawyer who completely supports enforcement against domestic violence where warranted (and having read the police report) all I can say is wow. If this is probable cause then every accusation should result in a trial. But it's possible they found further evidence in an investigation?


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cause for a misdemeanor, short of trial.  there is no preliminary hearing for a misdemeanor which is basically a hearing to determine if there is 'probably cause' to think a crime was committed and the dude/dudette charged is the one who did it.  

in michigan you can file a motion to quash (meaning, dismiss) a misdemeanor but it is a nullity as there is no evidentiary procedure that the prosecution has to jump through short of trial.   

once charged, this case was always going to go to trial unless the prosecutor wised up and said 'dismissal'.   i stand by my earlier prediction of a very quick 'not guilty' verdict.  scary to be the guy on trial, but a very good chance of an acquittal. 


Year of Revenge II

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I believe I recall your background, and as a criminal trial attorney for 21 years, I can confirm what you say is 100% on the money.  

Don't now why people were talking about pc; don't remember the releases reporting it was a felony charged.  Maybe somebody filed a motion to challenge the pc submitted in support of a formal arrest warrant, I don't know, nor do I much care.

From what I know, I suspect your prediction of a swift not guilty verdict will prove to be on the money also.

Pretty incisive analysis for a non-lawyer IIRC, beats a lot of lawyers, but after all, you are a Michigan grad. Lol.

Year of Revenge II

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Thanks.  That makes some sense. 

Thought I read once that he was a Detroit police officer for a number of years.

He definitely is one of the most interesting, but I have would have a couple of nominees myself who might give him a run, and not necessarily for good reasons.

Winchester Wolverine

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This whole time I thought XM was a great dad with a barn full of animals, proud owner of a Michigan degree, and a man who likes to go deep sea fishing in his free time.

Now I can add lawyer and former police officer to that. Anything else? Lol


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but was the lawyer part of running a gang task force out west for a while.  1 LT, 2 SGT's and 20 investigators.  great group of guys.  was bittersweet when i gave notice.  i told them first, before my office, that i was leaving.  man did they light up when i described the UP (our destination at that time)  to them.  


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PC is a low bar, but a lot of DAs (in my very limited experience talking to them/listening to them speak) don't jump at the chances to adjudicate cases like this that rely so heavily on victim/defendant claims with little additional physical evidence.  That's what surprised me here; even in the police report, there are inconsistencies in the stories of both sides, but the lack of clear marks on the victim or damage to the apartment seems to go against the violence claimed originally.

I guess there might be additional information out there, but it would have to be some really unique bit of info.

Santa Clause

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I follow Jourdan on twitter and he would post stuff all the time about how he was so lucky to be with his girlfriend and how much they loved each other. It seemed like it was the real deal. It just goes to show how almost any realationship can take a wrong turn.