Josh Rosen (UCLA QB Commit) to Flip?

Submitted by Keel on December 28th, 2014 at 2:24 PM

A buddy of mine is an ND fan, and read on one of their forums that current UCLA QB commit Josh Rosen will indeed flip his commitment and go to Michigan if JH is hired as HC.  I dug around the forum to find it, and their sources led me to Greg Henson.  Henson states that this is just something that was whispered to him.  I find this interesting considering we already have Malzone and only a handful of offers left to give.  Thoughts?



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No, we're not cool. Our current quarterback options have 0 touchdowns and 9 interceptions in college. We need as many options as possible, including other 2015 kids or potential transfers.


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Guys, same comments yesterday.  Same fact pointed out by magnus with the stats.  Our Qb situatin is at best average, probably well below average.  We all love the committment of Morris, Speight and now Malzone. But this thinking got us here.  Football at this level is cutthroat.  These guys are all elite athletes and elite competitors it is why they came to M.

One QB gets a firm handshake this year on his fifth year.  One QB will get a chance but will probably end up at MAC school.  The last Qb is totally unknow and could be great, but we just don't have any data.

Competition is good. If we could get Rosen great!! If we can get 5th year grad transfer great!!  JH has to honor Malzone's scholarship.  For all we know, JH may love Malzone and think he is the future.  But we need significant help at QB.  


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He was not listed above in Mr. Yost post, so I did not specifically mention him.  But I did include him in my post albeit, nameless.  He gets a firm handshake.

While these guys are elite athletes, they are still kids/young men and I struggle with being so negative and calling them out by name.  

Bellomy got a great education, made lifelong friends and could probably play any sport basketball, baseball, football, badmitten, etc. with one hind behind his back and kick my ass.

But I am a fan and unfortunately when you go to a school like M you are gonna get criticized by idiots like me.


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As others have said, he tweeted out that he is 100% committed to UCLA and nothing can change that. We have our QB for this class, we need to work on other positions anyways. A lot of players tweeting that they will visit Michigan if JH is hired, which we all know is a done deal.


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so maybe we can loosely assume Mora was indeed option #2 for us with a solid verbal commit he'd accept a offer and if Harbaugh had said no, he and Rosen would have been a packaged deal to A2. That seems like a logical foundation for how this rumor may have gotten started...