Josh Metellus and Jordan Glasgow: Possible SAM replacements if Peppers leaves?

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"This Josh Metellus, now, we're really excited about him," Michigan's defensive coordinator said Wednesday. "He can play safety and he can kind of be the poor man's Jabrill Peppers, too. He has to get a little bigger, maybe. But he can do a lot of the things (on defense) that we ask Jabrill to do."



"You know that Glasgow family? This Jordan Glasgow, I think we've found this guy a home (at SAM)," Brown said. "I think we have. We've kind of fooled around with him in it. We're going to be different at the safety position (next year), so I'm not sure if I want to take Josh and pull him out of there full-time and make him a viper. But wouldn't it be wonderful if this (Glasgow) continues to mature?"…



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Well, sounds like Don's referring to Jabrill in the present tense - "...that we ask Jabrill to do" - so it doesn't entirely sound like Jabrill's role on the team is in the past. Jabrill talks about beating OSU, winning a national championship, and getting a degree. He also said after the Heisman ceremony that he wishes he "could do it again". If we're gonna scavenge for comments that signal Jabrill's decision, it could go either way. But, honestly, I'm trying rlly hard to convince myself that he'll stay.


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Of course I would be absolutely thrilled if he stays, but to be honest, I can't blame him one iota if he leaves. He's already a projected first round draft pick, so leaving would be the smart decision. Put yourself in his shoes: become an instant millionaire in a few months and live your dream of playing in the NFL, or return for another year of indentured servitude, where you watch other people profit from your talents while you can't even accept a free pizza, and risk a debilitating injury without any significant upside for your draft stock. It's a no-brainer.   


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Aaaagggghhhh, ur probably right. I'm trying to hold on to the hope that a miraculous combination of Jabrill's character, the "those who stay" montra, and the influence of Harbaugh and Wheatley (who btw returned for his senior season after experiencing a similar situation to Jabrill's, although getting injured and whatever) will sway him to assuming a leadership role on a potential national-championship team. I've been reading some things, though, that Jabrill's draft projections doesn't measure up to his NFL reputation, like what Matt Miller said about drafting a safety with "one lucky interception" would get a scout fired, and Jabrill might still think he's playing as a C- and want to keep developing (and tbh, I'm in the camp that thinks Jabrill was 2nd to Jourdan as the best player on this year's defense). All love for Jabrill, and I'll certainly support his decision regardless.


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I agree but probably for different reasons. This season he had a stacked veteran roster that had prototypical players for the position. He could base stuff and they could execute multiple assignments. Next we will be talented and young. I think Brown is looking forward to doing more of what he did at BC with sub-packages and odd looks upfront. Mixing and matching personal like the mad scientist he is.

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That kid has been a tough customer on special teams:  He has a nose for the ball, likes to lay the wood, and--when you re-wind the tape--shows a knack for picking his way through bodies to get to the ball. 

I'm very excited at the prospect of him playing SAM, whether it's in package duty or in a more fulltime role.  He's going to make some tackles. 


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All this "viper" talk is gonna seem silly after Jordan Glasgow finally has his growth spurt over the summer and shows up for fall camp like 6'5" and 295 lbs.

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Chi-City Wolverine

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A lot of people will probably neg me for this, but I think Meyer called that fake out of partial desperation. His team was down at home, and he was deep in his own territory. It made no sense to do it at that moment, because Michigan did not look like they were surprised by the fake. I think Meyer saw the writing on the wall in that game, and knows what is coming in the future.

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Gonna throw the BS flag on this one...

Meyer said after the game that if they saw a particular formation, then the kicker had the option of running the fake.  He saw that formation, where only Glasgow was left, everyone else was in the box, right side, or deep.  Watch the replay and you'll see it.  Had Glasgow not got off that sad block attempt, the kicker would still be running.  A great play by Glasgow saved that first down on a well concieved fake against a certain coverage formation.


December 28th, 2016 at 10:20 PM ^

Desperation for what?  Running a play you think you can beat a certain formation?  That is exactly why Garrett Moores ran in an extra point attempt against Rutgers with the score 27-0.  They saw a formation and ran the play set up against it.

I don't buy the 'he sees the writing on the wall and is scared' line...

Chi-City Wolverine

December 29th, 2016 at 2:15 PM ^

We are comparing a Rutgers game to OSU?  What the fuck?  Just because you see a look on special teams doesn't mean you place your defense in a horrible position on a chance that it may work.  You're comparing a play where we had already scored a touchdown on an inferior team that everyone steam rolled to a stupid play on a hunch that put their defense in a shitty position with their team trailing at home.  One of these things is not like the other...

Mr. Yost

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I wonder if they put Clark or Watson at S.

If Hill and Long are your CBs, you can move one of those 2 guys to S to start opposite Tyree Kinnel next year.

Personally I like them both at CB.

Also could open the door for JKP to see some early minutes or Hudson if they're going to leave him at S.

A lot of'll be an interesting spring/summer competition.


December 28th, 2016 at 2:17 PM ^

I still think it will end up with Kinnel and Metellus at safeties, Hudson at Viper, Clark and the best of Long or Hill at CB.

You can bring Watson or Long/Hill in at Nickel/Dime.

Furbush will play with the Vipers (some combo of Hudson/Furbush, Glasgow, and possibly Metellus. 

Bush & McCRay at LB.