Josh Jackson Named Virginia Tech Starting QB

Submitted by Leaders And Best on August 14th, 2017 at 3:26 PM

Josh Jackson, son of former Michigan RB Coach Fred Jackson, was named starting QB at Virginia Tech. Warm up the Fred Jackson Hype Machine.

For those that want something more Michigan football-related, Bill Connolly released his Florida football preview today:



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Came here to post this. Thank GOD I didn't before seeing yours...

You don't mention this, but in the article, Fred Jackson was quoted: "My son Josh at QB is like Vince Young, but with more speed and wiggle, with an arm like Dan Marino, only a bit stronger and more accurate. He also makes decisions like a smart Joe Montana. And he's handsome, like a straight Cristiano Ronaldo..." :-D


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With Josh Jackson and Terius Wheatley I'm rooting for VaTech for the next couple of years.

As an attendee of that absurd Sugar Bowl I feel like I owe them that much goodwill, at the very least. 


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and Fred would be around from time to time -- very nice guy.

Not quite as many moons ago my son's rec basketball team (that I coached) destroyed the team Josh played on a number of times. 

He played his frosh year at Huron before moving to Saline.

Everyone Murders

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You know what they say.  All dirt roads lead to Blacksburg.

That aside, this is great not only for Josh Jackson but for his dad.  Tendency toward hyperbole aside, I don't think I heard many folks say anything negative about Fred and his family.


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Kidding aside, FJ always seemed like a good guy and it must be particularly satisfying if you're a coach for your kid to become QB1 for a major D1 program.  Good for him.


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I'm nervous for UF because I'm 27 have been conditioned to be nervous for big games most of my life....after reading that preview I'm not nervous. SEC is over.

Let's just all promise each other we'll never say "welcome to the big 10" okay? Okay.