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I wish this damn kid would just make up his mind.

He was an excellent cornerback for Iowa and had that incredible game against OSU two years ago with an unbelievable interception and ended up getting drafted in the second round of the NFL draft. Then, shocking everyone, he decided to go back to high school to be the number one basketball prospect in the country, eventually signing with Kansas over Sparty (take THAT!). His unbelievable risk paid off, and he became a lottery pick for the Suns. Less than a year later, in an even more shocking turn of events, he decided to quit basketball and become Fred Jackson's son (how this is even legal, I don't know). Naturally, being the progeny of Fred Jackson means you have to go back to playing football, so he returned to the gridiron, but this time at quarterback for Virginia Tech. And NOW he's transferring to Maryland??? Frankly, I don't see how the NCAA can allow a kid to be drafted twice in two different sports in different years and then allow the kid to make his THIRD stint in college. Clearly he's a legendary versatile athlete, but indecisive as all hell.


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Josh Jackson Career Passing

Year     School            Conf   Class   Pos  G   Cmp   Att   Pct  Yds   Y/A   AY/A   TD   Int   Rate

*2017   Virginia Tech  ACC   FR        QB  13   236   396  56.6 2991  7.6   7.5      20   9    135.2

*2018   Virginia Tech  ACC   SO       QB   3    36      58    62.1  575   9.9  10.9     5    1     170.3

Career  Virginia Tech                                      272    454   59.9 3566  7.9   8.0    25   10     139.


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Josh Jackson Rushing


Year    School           Conf Class Pos  G   Att   Yds    Avg  TD 

*2017  Virginia Tech ACC FR     QB   13  124   324   2.6    6       

*2018  Virginia Tech ACC SO     QB    3   20      61    3.1    1

CareerVirginia Tech                                  144   385    2.7    7


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I am sure he grew up watching Michigan , his dad was here a long time as running back coach , so good luck to him except when we play them