Josh Jackson class of 2016: The next great basketball player out of Detroit

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Josh Jackson - Detroit Consortium

Josh Jackson


Josh Jackson out of Consortium HS in Detroit, class of 2016, is going to be the most hotly contested Bball prodigy out of Michigan since? I don't know the answer to this question, he is only in 9th grade, but I can't remember a 9th grader this talented and polished in a long long time.

I've posted before, I was fortunate enough to see Mark Macon as a 9th grader at Saginaw Buena Vista, and thought his talent level was  jaw dropping. I watch Josh Jackson play basketball and I see jaw dropping talent.

I saw Chris Webber as a 9th grade, Shane Battier as a 9th grader and this kid is right up there with them.

This is going to be a recruiting battle you can be sure the Kentucky's and North Carolina's will be involved in

The kid would be perfect in Coach Beilein's offense. Smooth as silk, make the game look easy, nice mid range game, superior handle, you can tell he is just toying with some of the competition. Hell, he'd be great in any offense, even Wisconsin.

Jackson recently put up 23 in a close loss to Romulus (#2 in Class A), and followed that up with a 30 point effort in a win against 13-2 L'Anse Creuse North.

“Can you name 10 players better than him in the state? He’s the top five or 10 in the state, period, regardless of Class.”

-- Romulus coach Nate Oats talking about Detroit Consortium freshman Joshua Jackson. Jackson scored 23 points and grabbed eight rebounds in the loss to Romulus.

I will post a couple video's in the first post of Josh Jackson doing his thing.

Try to keep in mind: 9th grader



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At Heritage his season year and Webber his senior year at Saginaw Nouvel. Webber was unlike any high school kid I've seen play. He did miss a breakaway dunk in the game though.


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Thanks for linking - that thread is hillarious and I missed it way back when.  Moleskyn is still with us and a solid contributor, I'm glad the unanimous -60 downvoting didn't scare him away.  Let's just hope he's never witness to a crime or the sketch artist will have a tough go of it. 


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Doesn't beilein have a policy of not even looking at potential recruits till they're at least juniors? If that's the case I'm sure this kid will be a lean somewhere else long before Michigan gets a chance.


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they are aware of good players as early as junior high school.  they recruit and network with these players very early. if you do not , you will really have no chance.

he does not make commitable offers until they are juniors.

other coaches offer very early  crazy stuff like 12 years old, etc


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Its pretty amazing to watch these young kids with such great skill and the knowledge that they can basically take over a game whenever they so desire.  Yet it seems like this kid enjoys sharing the rock and giving it up as much as getting it, at least from the short clips you posted.


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I hadn't heard of this kid until now but he seems like a player. Consortium is a Class C school and appears to be on a collision course with Flint Beecher for the state title. Beecher is the defending champs, #1 in Class C and only loss (after blowing 18 pt lead) is to Class A #1 Detroit Pershing.


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I go to State finals every yr so it would be cool if Consortium can make it that far( even though I hate Michael Talley).. I keep waiting for the next Chris Webber but so far have been let down.. Nix was the biggest disappointment ive ever seen ( Fatboy had 4 pts). Have no idea how the fuck he was Mr. Michigan..Would be real cool if Young, Walton, and Jackson all made it to finals this year... Also, when are the finals coming back to Crisler now that we have the renovations?


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of the playoffs during his senior year. We were doing our little layup drill warmups, then looked down the court and watched their layup drills, which were a series of alley oop slams. We were beaten before the tipoff and lost by more than 50...

I never fully realized the disparity of basketball talent until that night.

Blue boy johnson

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Terry Mills was Mr. Basketball that season and I am pretty sure Romulus won the Class A state title.

Mills was Mr. Basketball but WOTS was Derrick Coleman (Detroit Northern), and 4th in the Mr. Basketball voting that year was a better player than Mills, and Coleman probably was. Both had nice college and NBA careers but Coleman could have been a HOF'er had he been properly motivated.

4 of the 10 in Mr. Basketball voting in 1986 ended up playing in the NBA.

1985-86 Mr Basketball 



  1) TERRY MILLS, ROMULUS Michigan yes
  2) Anthony Pendleton, Flint Northwestern Iowa/USC  
  3) Willie Burton, Detroit St. Martin dePorres Minnesota yes
  4) Derrick Coleman, Detroit Northern Syracuse yes
  5) Nathan Buntin, Detroit Murray-Wright Missouri  
  6) Bill Wood, Saginaw Valley Lutheran don't know
  7) Steve Scheffler, Grand Rapids Forest Hills Northern Purdue yes
  8) Todd Bayle, Walkerville don't know
  9) Leonard Thomas, Mt. Clemens don't know
10) Tarence Wheeler, Detroit Southwestern don't know



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Wow.  He is actually really graceful looking with the ball, too...if that makes any sense.  Usually a kid that is that tall at such a young age is not as coordinated or graceful.  This kid is going to be AMAZING by the time he graduates high school.