Josh Furman's new look

Submitted by michWolves2580 on March 7th, 2012 at 12:04 AM

I have a class with Josh Furman that met today for the first time since spring break. At this time I can confirm that Josh Furman has a crew cut. He shaved all his dreads. Dk what this says about his PT prospects but he definitely made a major life decision here.



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flash that reported 4.3 speed he had coming out of highschool, then good. I'm more worried about his view than his look. If it helps him "view" the game on the field rather than from the sideline I'm all for it

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Sorry, Long Hair Don't Care is a saying that caught on from Lil' Wayne. Seeing at he 'Don't Cared' his 'Long Hair' I thought it fit. 

Also, I too am in So Cal from Ohio and this place is beautiful.

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[Lil Wayne:]Ahahahahaha hheee It Go...Long hair, don't care,I put it there, rite there,It's wet there, tight there,I kiss there, bite there,Oh yeah, I-yeah,I go there, I don't care,We can do whatever ya liiiiiiiiike...

Read more: LIL WAYNE - DATS MY N**** LYRICS*gga-lyrics-lil-wayne.html#ixzz1oPjX2ps9 
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FWIW Long hair don't care has been a saying in the community for a long time which is where Wayne and others got it from

Also that Urban Dictionary entry is wrong... long hair don't care refers to the person WITH the hair, and their lack of inhibition or regard.  Lil Wayne is on record as liking women with long hair.


"I like a long-haired thick red bone

Open up her lips and filet mignon... that p*ssy"


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Maybe he got tired of getting laid constantly.  I'm pretty sure any time a cheesy reggae song and an impressionable co-ed ever crossed paths his whole afternoon was shot.


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Get off my lawn!!   I'm and old fuddy duddy so I'm glad he cut them off.  You have to be faster without that mop on your head.   It has to slow you down. 

I don't want to hear anything about Denard.   Leave me alone in my archaic beliefs.