Jordan Kovacs + Greatest walk-on college football players

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Jordan Kovacs is on my mind after reading a previous thread and some other U of M football news.  It got me thinking about where he may rank in terms of the all time great walk-on college football players.  It seems to me like walk-ons are the epitomy of what makes college football great, and why for me at least, it is so much better than it's professional counterpart.  Walk-ons have to pay their way through (at least part of) school, didn't join the team with money on their minds, and really do everything for the love of the game, epitomizing that cliche. 

I came across this very interesting article while researching other great walk-ons.

Kovacs does not have the same pro potential as many of those players (he is just not athletic enough, sadly), but depending on how well he performs this year, I think his college career could put him on that level.  What do you guys think?

Do you know of any other walk-ons who had major success on the collegiate and/or professional levels not mentioned in that article?   /Discuss.



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I was thinking it must have been tough to rebuild your IM team after Freddy got called-up to varsity like that.  But then I remembered that Dwarves don't rebuild, they reload.


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When listing off the Division I walkons, it is also fun to think of the players from the other Divisions. I'll start us off with Walter Payton . . . .


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The timeline of these posts and the relentless destruction of Gameboy were priceless to follow. The clever pictures and quips of the mgocommunity are second-to-none. In fact, there always seems to be someone that replies on each OP that will hold my exact opinion which makes it hard for me to ever comment. Kudos to all posters, (even those who get negged) for leaving me basically speechless and post-less. Although it is hard to tell(from my numerous mgopoints lol), I have followed this blog(almost daily!!) for well over 2 years and yet this is about my 5th overall post. I know it is a random time to commend the mgobloggers, followers, and mods, but this specific post was quite comical in that it was the epitome of the timing of every single post taking the words out of my mouth. Here's to another season of my silence as I laugh and giggle at each of your post/responses!!!

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The cool thing is, Jordan Kovacs (who some said was too slow, not talented enough, etc) is on the Dolphins opening day roster.... for his second NFL season...


I'm going to second the motion,  he's one of the best walk on players of all times.