Jonothan Gray breaks Mike Harts record

Submitted by Michigan248 on December 17th, 2011 at 4:43 PM

My buddy who is a high school coach in texas told me jonothan gray broke mike harts high school td record of 204 today in the state championship game.


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Mike Hart is the second leading rusher in the history of US high school footvall, behind only a gjuy from Sugar Land , TX

Considering that Hart rarely played in the fourth quarter in HS, this is quite the accomplishment.

I knew kids from Dobbs Ferry, NY, who ran into Hart's team in the state semis.  Against a team that gave up 14 points all year (none by the first string), Hart ran for 460+ yards and 6 touchdowns.


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Gray breaking the record is impressive, but it's even more impressive that Hart kept the record for eight years.  With tons of schools using wide-open offenses, and more schools getting into playoffs in almost every state,  you would think that the record would be broken every couple of years or so.  

Hart's record stood for six years longer than one would think it would.  That's impressive.


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my god.

I knew Mike Hart was a good player. But....

is it safe to say his high school career actually exceeded his career at Michigan? Despite him being such a good player here, I had no idea that he was one of the best players in high school football history.

NATIONAL high school football history.




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glad to hear kids pushing hard. Never was on the Mike Hart train...just seemed to me like he was always gimpy when we needed him or things were tough...but was able to put on his helmet when the moment was there to bask in the glow...probably just a sour note or such, but I have some memories of seeing him on an exercise bike peddling like mad when we really needed him to be on the field...then when we took a lead he was fine...don't know, just never felt real good about the kid, and in particular his mouth at the whole little  brother comment that always seems to come back and bite us in the arse.


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... that may very well be the single DUMBEST thing ever posted in the bright & beautiful history of Mgoblog!!!
I mean, are you even the leastest bit serious?!?? NOBODY ever played harder, gave more, to the Maize & Blue than "Michigan" Mike.
Whatever causes your "bad taste" I seriously recommend maybe consulting a physician ... you might have a real problem there. It appears to be affecting not just your taste buds, but your eyesight & memory as well.


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I simply didn't care for the guy. Just my opinion of him...dumbest ever blogged or not, I'd watch a thousand other backs before you could pay me to care about Mike doctor required but I certainly appreciate the advice and concern. It's all good on my end, say what you want fest away, he's not my favorite by a longshot leaving it alone from there, I've made my feelings on 'big brother' well be it.


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so I didn't care for him...get over it already, goes on...Jesus...was there some fucking code book of mindless herding I missed when I signed up? fuck off already...didn't realize we lest be judged by our ordained opinion of Saint Michael of's a wonder SOME folks view SOME UM fans/alum as arrogant ...#sarcasm...wholy get over yourself already.


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His teammates apparently disagree with you, seeing as how he was voted co-MVP in 2006, and elected a captain for 2007. Other than that, let's look at this premise. The guy you're saying didn't give his all holds the following Michigan records:

Rushing attempts (1,015)
Rushing yards (5,040)
Most games over 100 yards (28)
Most games over 200 yards (5)

What exactly did you expect out of this guys career?


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so is this where the sandusky jokes go?


I heard penn state is switching to the no huddle offense for their bowl game.  Not the spread, mind you.  Just no more huddling.


bat dat psshhhhhhh