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Honest question (and I'm genuinely not trying to be an ass):  Are you an MSU fan?  Your recent posts suggest that you are, and I don't remember you saying anything about it.  For some reason, though, I can't see your older posts.


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I get back from the hockey game to read this hilarity.  Is it ok for me to partake in this major conspiracy investigation without wearing a tin foil hat?  I can almost see the paranoia dripping from my screen.  

I understand that the straw man fallacy is the standard for the 99% of people that post here.  I must apologize for my terrible habit of judging things based on mere merit and not going along with the rest of the sheeple.  Please, by all means, continue.


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I think Reschke could have earned a Michigan offer down the road if Michigan was still looking for linebackers and missed out on some of their current targets.  But so far Michigan only seems to be going after elite athletes, and Reschke doesn't really fit that mold.  He's a little undersized to be a defensive end, but he runs a little like a DE.  I just don't think he's the type of kid you offer at this stage in the cycle when you've just brought in a four-man, elite linebacker class.

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I'm not sure that's the case. Reschke is best friends with Shane Morris, and Tremendous tweeted that he seemed "legit disappointed" at the lack of a Michigan offer. I still think he's poachable, but who knows.


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I'm not sure what your point is.  All were offered by Michigan (unlike Swoopes and Reschke), Green-Beckham was the #1 recruit in the country, Marshall said he liked Michigan early on, and Kiel was briefly thought to be a Michigan lean.


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But those were guys who we either had a shot at at one point, were deciding between us and our rivals, and/or were top flight guys whose recruitment was interesting to follow. 

An early QB commit to Texas really doesn't fall into any of those.  If that same player committed next February and had M and some big rival on his top list, we would all be interested. 


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Not to sound sour grapes about this, but I'm sure the reason he didn't have an offer from us is because the coaches didn't think he was good enough for one.  He may have gotten one later in the process, but we'll only take two LBs, three max, in this class, and the coaches have offered a handful of guys they thought were better. 

I'm glad we didn't offer him.  LB is not a position of need in this class, so we have the luxury of being very picky.  Reschke didn't make Rivals 250, snuck inside the top 247 list, and has two offers - MSU and Toledo.  He might be a solid player, but he's not the elite types we should be going for at that position.  It's a good pick up for State though.


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For whatever reason, Brother Rice recruits tend to go to MSU more often than Michigan.  There was a period in the late 1980s/early 1990s when Rice sent some guys to UM (most notably, Paul Jokish (sp?) and Steve Morrison - but even Jokish arrived as a basketball player, IIRC).  But I bet the MSU:UM ratio for Rice recruits has been 3:1 over the last 35 years.  As a Rice and UM grad, it kind of hurts to point this out.  I don't think Coach Fracasa's MSU connection is the driving force behind this, by the way.


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what ever we have Joe Bolden, Kaleb Ringer, James Ross, and Royce Jenkins Stone who are all better than him.  Maybe we didn't offer because we needed other positions of need.  We'll still likely get Wyatt Shallman, Joudan Lewis, and Treadwell.

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A little OT but I think it is interesting. In regards to MSU being a national recruiter, last season M brought in kids from 8 different States and MSU brought in kids from 7 different States, with the only two States in common being Michigan and Ohio.

The other 5 other States for MSU:






The other 6 States for M:








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But there's a difference between recruiting kids from other parts of the country, and recruiting good kids from other parts of the country.  Any school can recruit nationally, all you have to do is offer a kid with no other offers.

Outside of Demetrius Cox, all of MSU's commits from outside MI and OH were 3 stars, many of whom were low three stars (the Oregon kid was actually a 2 star).  Look at the kids from the South they signed - they weren't exactly going up against Florida, FSU, Bama, LSU or Auburn for any of them.  So Sparty beat our Florida Atlantic and Louisiana Tech for some kids?  Big deal. 

Michigan signed a 5 star from Missouri, a 4 star OT each from CA and TN, a 4 star WR from Iowa and one of the nation's top fullbacks from Utah.  We recruited more top players from outside of our core area than MSU did total.