August 15th, 2018 at 2:17 PM ^

A good interview.

My personal takeaways:

Asked about this year’s D - “this could be the best group I have ever been around.”

- has about 16-17 guys that could be put in today and perform at a high level (took this to mean ability and scheme knowledge).  Camp is to develop more of those.

- LB —- Gil and Ross still fighting for WLB.  Positive feedback on Anthony and Glasgow (sp?) as backups at MLB and Viper respectively.  Singleton seemed a bit of an afterthought at WLB - “he’s getting there” - and sounds like McGrone headed for a (nominal) redshirt.

- Solomon and Dwumfor will be tasked with filling the slack of the Hurst departure.  Being able to get them meaningful snaps last year allowed them to learn a lot even if they didn’t know the whole defense at the time.  (Got the feel he was talking more leadership than specific position for those two.)  DEs did not come up.

- CBs - first 3 mentioned - Hill, Long, and Watson.  Noted Ambry is pushing.

- Safeties - praise for starters and noted JKP as coming on and highly skilled athlete.

It is clear that Don remembers the Jerry DiNardo “high risk - high reward” comment from the year one camp tour and it still doesn’t sit well.  Says every pressure look is repped 50-100 times between Spring and Fall camps.


August 15th, 2018 at 10:40 AM ^

Don Brown is such a dude.

I didn't realize that Mike McCray was coaching now.  His title via his Twitter is "Inside Linebacker Coaching Intern at The University of Michigan."

Is that a Grad Assistant role or something different?


August 15th, 2018 at 2:19 PM ^

He’s actually hired as a coach for the University of Michigan.  He has aspirations of following one of our great coaches footsteps.  Mike already has his Masters and he loves kids, and is a great family man and also a man of God.  He’s a great representative of the University of Michigan.  Congratulations Mike and Go Blue!


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Love DB's baseball take...make 'em make a play. I played for a HS coach who loved to suicide squeeze...and if there was a runner on second he expected him to score too. One time he put it on with the bases loaded...third baseman threw the ball down the right field line...we scored three runs and ended up with a runner on was riot playing for him!

Otherwise, I love his aggressive schemes. I do wish the corners would mix up their press coverage more though...always show it but back off at the snap more often than they do and give them a better shot at spying on the QB and getting the interception.