Jon Horford to return for 2014/2015 season

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Jon Horford, who graduates this spring, confirms that he intends to come back for his final year of eligibility at Michigan.

— Brendan F. Quinn (@BFQuinn) March 3, 2014
Very glad to hear that. Horford, as shown during the MSU game, provides an excellent defensive presence along with solid zen-like leadership.



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This is excellent news, of course. Horford may average only about 15 minutes per game, but they are impactful minutes and the defensive presence cannot be understressed when he is out there. Like others said, having some veteran leadership on the squad never hurts either. Similar to the situation last season, leaders like Horford may not play the most minutes, but their presence helps the team play like a team. 


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Hell yea he is.  Who wouldn't want to prolong their time here based on how things have gone the last few years?  It seems like Horford is enjoying the hell out his time here.


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With all the player comments about JMo and Horford as seniors and winning for the seniors etc etc., I was starting to worry Horford had already been told a firm handshake was coming.

Good news.  I doubt we have to worry about the scholarship issue.  If I had to bet on one, and only one, NBA scenario it would be all three leaving.  Next most likely IMO is GR3 and Stauskas leave with MM staying.

I'd be shocked if any permutation of 2 of them came back.


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Having Horford back with Donnal (and Bielfeldt) and potentially McGary is great. It also helps afford a redshirt for Doyle which is nice.

If we keep just one of Stauskas or GRIII this team will be loaded with talent, expereince, and versatility. Assuming Stauskas is the one who leaves early, you are looking at this roster: 

Walton, Albrecht

LeVert, Irvin, Walton (when they play Albrecht at the point)

GRIII, Irvin, Chatman (Irvin slides up to starter when GRIII inevitably ends up back at the 4 despite off season comments about moving to his natural wing position)

GRIII, Donnal, Chatman, Wilson

McGary, Horford, Donnal, Bielfeldt

Other than Arizona, show me a front court that matches up with that depth.




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Tim McCormick spoke at a UM lunch today, expects Stauskas to go and the rest to stay.

the further we go in the tournament, the more likely Nik splits, says he.

Mr. Yost

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Horford was always coming back IMO, just like J-Mo. We're going to need his leadership one more year.

It'll be nice to see him and McGary playing next to each other with GRIII at SF and him coming off the bench in a similar role behind McGary with GRIII and Irvin at the forward spots.

Personally, and I've said this for awhile, I think EVERYONE comes back just like UNC and UF have had not too long ago. I think they all come back for a shot at a national championship.

However, after NEXT season, I think just above everyone is gone. At least Horford (graduation), McGary, GRIII and Stauskas. I even think Max B leaves for a year of grad school like McLimans did. LeVert and Walton could also be out, but I'm hoping they'd return along with Irvin and Albrecht for one final year.

I see this exact same team next year in the same roles except swap McGary for Morgan.


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Here are some interesting scenarios

Which would you pick

Win out (including B1G tourney) and win the dance. But, Nik, Mitch, GR3, Caris (has a huge tournament) leave.

Lose in championship game, Nik, Mitch, GR3 leave.

Lose in Final Four, Nik and GR3, leave.

Lose in Elite 8, Nik leaves.

Lose in Sweet 16, All come back


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After all the injuries to start his career he's rounding out well. Would like to see him add some more muscle and explosion. If Mitch stays as well we would have a formidable front court along with Donnal stretching things out with his shooting.

GR3 should come back along with Levert. A starting lineup of Walton, Levert, Irvin, GR3, and Mitch sounds good to me. Still have Spike, Horford, and Donnal off the bench with Chatman, and DJ Wilson coming in.


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Stauskis being in the NBA already.

His body does not seem ready for how physical that league is and he does not create his own shot all that well at this level.

Left alone he is deadly. But you dont get left alone in the NBA if they know you can drill it.


I hope he comes back.



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Have you watched any Michigan basketball this season? You think he's on the cusp of Big Ten Player of the Year because he hits shots when he's left wide open?

Come on. The only valid point you have is that he's not very thick, but that's not a huge deal for a guard who shots 45% from 3, is 6'6 and can create.


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he'll be "creating" his own shot in the NBA. He doesn't have the handle, strength or quicks. To me the question is can he improve or is he destined to be a 3P shooter who helps spread the floor.

And while it's popular to say they don't play defense in the NBA there is sort of a range that goes from All Star game awful to championship better. Stauskas has to improve.


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Maybe I am reading too much into it but maybe Jon knows Mitch is leaving for the NBA and he wants to start at the 5 next season? Cue the X files conspiracy theme

Ty Butterfield

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I want to enjoy the ride this year but I think this means Stauskas is probably gone. This team could be a powerhouse next year if Stauskas is back with LeVert, Walton, Irvin, and Spike.