Jon Horford

Submitted by tdumich on November 30th, 2009 at 2:32 PM

One of the bigger problems for the bball team this year will be a lack of quality big men. We don't have anybody on the roster that meets this description besides sims and gibson (no, i'm not going to count 6'4" novak even though he plays at forward for us). If you think this is a problem this year it will be ten times worse come next year. We'll enter the season with four bigs (cronin, mclimans, morgan, and smotrycz), none of which will have seen a single minute of significant playing time in college (i'm assuming mclimans and morgan redshirt). This is an even bigger issue considering the questions surrounding cronin's health and mclimans and morgan appearing to be the project types that don't contribute for at least a couple years. This brings me to Jon Horford and me stumbling across his scout profile with him favoring alabama, providence, and michigan (all having offered). I know we are waiting on zeigler and he is the first priority in terms of signing anyone come spring. However, we need size in the worst way ever. Horford may be rail thin but he has good height and athleticism and a pretty good ranking on all the major recruiting sites. Has anyone seen this kid play? Are we in on any big men at this point to help fill out the 2010 recruiting class?

Sorry for the negative bball topic considering everything that went down this weekend, but this is something that has bothered me since the season started.


the Bray

November 30th, 2009 at 2:35 PM ^

I think this is a good question. With limited scholarships... say we take Zeigler... and Cronin shows no improvement. Might we move Cronin off a hoops schollie (think Antonio Bass in football) and then use his scholarship for someone like Horford?

the Bray

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At some point, is it not reasonable to assume that Cronin's injury might be considered "career ending?" I mean, does anyone realistically expect him to play the rest of the season? Coupled with last year, I think it's at least something to talk about... the fact that he might never make it to the court and could be taken off an athletic scholarship and put on something else for him to finish his degree.


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I don't think that the possibility of putting Cronin on medical scholarship like Bass is completely crazy. It seems pretty unlikely that Cronin's career would be judged over soon given Cronin's and Beilein's statements regarding his ability to play after the surgery. In fact, I believe I remember reading that he was running sub-7 minute miles in the conditioning test. However, to my eyes Cronin looks incredibly uncomfortable simply walking. There is still a noticeable limp. Perhaps it looks worse than it is, but he does not look sufficiently mobile to play, especially in a motion offense. I'm not saying we should throw him off to open a scholarship, but I wouldn't be completely shocked if he decided in consultation with Coach Beilein that he is unable to continue.

the Bray

November 30th, 2009 at 3:10 PM ^

Thanks for at least considering my premise and not calling me a jerk for merely suggesting it. To reiterate, it would not shock me if at some point Cronin decides the rehab isn't worth it and doesn't want to go through with it anymore. If that happens, I expect him to get the same deal Antonio Bass got, and for Beilein to use his scholarship on another big man.

david from wyoming

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Name calling may have been across the line. Sorry.

You have a good point, but I really really don't like the idea of causally pulling scholarships. Bass' situation is the exception to the rule. If any coach started pushing players off athletic scholarship's because of injuries (even if they still keep their full ride) that is very unethical in my eyes. It's to easy to free up a spot on the team by removing hurt players that still have a chance to contribute.

Again, my apologizes for previous comments.


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According to Rivals - no offer:…

Also, doesn't appear to be on the radar at all:

Evan should be able to step in right away at the 4 and contribute to the 5. I think you look to him to pretty much take over for Sims as far as points and rebound contribution. If Cronin can get healthy, he an Morgan will man the 5 spot mostly I would think.

Zeigler would be huge at the 3 and I think Vogrich will play there as well.

We will need more production from the guard spots (including the 3) next year for sure, but that seems to be on track with Stu, LLP, Darius, vogrich, maybe novak and a few minutes out of Hardaway Jr (who just poured in 48 in a game last week).

The #1 recruiting target for the 5 appears to be Marshall Plumlee.…

We lost a couple games this weekend, but the future of this program is very bright!!


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judging by the date of the scout article it is by far the most recent. also, the offer list in his profile is much more realistic than that on rivals. i agree with your assessment of the guard and wing positions. however, i think you're being too optimistic about the forward and center spots. i am very nervous about having four big men that haven't played at all before.


November 30th, 2009 at 3:23 PM ^

I understand your concern and yes, we will be inexperienced.
Too optimistic? Novak played power forward when the team was at its most effective last year. at the worst, he will be a Junior with a TON of experience playing the 4.

Also remember that Manny was a sophomore last year. Morris was a top 100 player and will be very good next year. Stu and LLP will be Juniors with tons of experience. Freshman contribute in college hoops all the time. Morgan will be able to bang and grab boards at the least. We might not even need scoring out of the 5 position in Vogrich learns how to play defense.


Smotrycz: 6-8 205 ranked 52 right now and a 4* with upward mobility
Sims: (circa 2006 profile) 6-7 222 final ranking of 31 and a 4*

That's fairly comparable and, as good as Sims is and has been, Smotrycz fits Beilein's system better than Peedi.

I haven't heard anything about Horford and have major doubts that he is being seriously considered. He is rail thin and at best is a duplicate of McLimans without the shooting ability and worse than Morgan.


November 30th, 2009 at 3:27 PM ^

The team is going to be even more perimeter-oriented than it is this year. Finding the next Manny seems like it should come second to finding the next Deshawn. Smotrycz sounds good but he can't be relied upon to replace Deshawn and Gibson.