Jon Gruden to Coach Michigan?????

Submitted by KennyGfanLMAO on November 8th, 2009 at 12:25 AM

I am not one of those UM fans that want to fire RichRod. I personaly think it would be suicide for UM. But i heard someone talk about the possibility of trying to pick up Jon Gruden if RR leaves. This just came from a random michigan fan who thought that might be a possibility since he isnt coaching right now. Now, one of the reasons i dont want RR to be fired is because who the (BAD WORD) is available that has a better rep than RR?!?!?!? No one im aware of.... Anyway, the only reason im creating this thread is because i can picture Gruden in michigan colors, and hes the only coach that i would take over RR. (Id take Les Miles, but that ship has abviously sailed)



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Ok, I'm a RR supporter, but I will entertain this with my two cents

I think you have to be very careful with taking a coach from the NFL and bringing him into the college world. An NFL guy is running a business, and not trying to develop humans. I think there have been examples of good NFL coaches making bad college coaches because they are not very good with the more human developmental approach of the college game.

With that said... Gruden eh? An NFL coach with a super bowl ring... grew up in an area where he'll understand the OSU rivalry... I see no flaws. Let's give him a call just in case.

On a more serious, I want to keep RR note, was Bill Sheridan ever a candidate for DC? I'm not sure why he would leave the NFL, but I've always wondered if he ever factored into the search.

West Texas Blue

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Make a wish for Gruden to coach Michigan with one hand and take a shit in the other hand, and see which one happens first. We're stuck with Rod until end of 2011 season. Stop the endless speculation. Either we recover or go down to the depths of hell with Rich Rod.


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ND?!?!  That's where the "dream job" comment came from ya know.

Everyone on the interwebs is saying that Chucky said Michigan is his dream job.  That's NOT necessairly true. 

What Gruden did say, after feeling spurned by ND, that it would be great to coach at Michigan so he could beat ND.  He said that would be his dream.

Big difference between a coach wanting to come to Michigan and a coach saying it would be great to use Michigan to exact his personal vendetta.

Nevertheless, I'd rather see Chucky than Hoke or Miles.


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He took Tony Dungy's work, and turned it into the biggest meal ticket of all time. Yes, he got the Superbowl ring, and he rode those guys for 4-5 years to go a few games over .500.

And since we can't blame Oakland Raiders coaches because Al Davis calls all the shots, can we give them any credit if the team wins.

I'm just saying, Gruden is a decent coach, but messiah he is not.


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RR is not going anywhere for at least 2 more years (barring him leaving on his own or some major NCAA violation). MSC is not going to fire him and the new AD is not going to rock the boat upon taking the job after Martin retires. UM gave Amaker 6 years, and will give RR at least 4. Besides, he needs two more recruiting classes and he needs his first two recruiting classes to play as upperclassmen. At that point, the data points will be numerous and UM can make an informed decision on RR. Until then, we'd just be sending the program back two more steps.


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people think Gruden could coach college football.

The college game is completely different from the NFL and not just on the field. There's alumni groups to deal with, recruiting, camps, far more public appearances than any NFL job.

I don't get it.


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I love Gruden. Him coming from a ND football background, he would recognize and understand the value and workings of a big historic program.

I also believe that his West Coast Offense would Suite Tate Forcier PERFECTLY...and he would teach Tate how to be a real QB and get rid of the ball in step and in rhythm.

Im not sure that the powers to be would even consider Chucky....but he would be an interesting and fun hire for Michigan and his personality would certainly bring big time recruits back to the University of Michigan.


November 8th, 2009 at 1:01 PM ^

Bo Shembechler. His fiery demeanor and emphasis on defense sure would whip this group of players into shape. Great motivator, too, which would be a plus for the young quarterbacks.

I wonder if if the powers at be would consider trying to get the Michigan Medical School to pursue multi-million dollar experiments to raise him from the dead. because there's about as much chance of that happening as there is of Michigan hiring John Gruden.

The Blue Crush

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At the beginning of the year if someone told me we would go 6-6 and beat OSU I would have taken it in a heartbeat. Beat OSU and win a crappy bowl game. Is that too much to ask? If not then bring on basketball season and hope we drastically improve next year.

Go Blue!!!


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not that I'm insinuating anything here, but I would think Utah's Whittingham and Boise St's Pederson have to be near the point of trying to make their break to a BCS program. I think both those guys (whether or not you're impressed by their teams' quality of opposition) will make interesting coaches at higher level jobs.

FWIW, a friend of mine who's a Buckeye fan has heard lots of chatter, particularly after some of the bad debacles this year, that Pederson would be very desirable.

anyway... as to Gruden... i just don't see any rationale for that ever happening.

really don't think RR's going anywhere, at least in the near future.


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When we were searching for a coach (you know pre RR) I told a buddy I would like to see us get Bill Cowher or if we could not get him then maybe Jim Peterson. Kyle Wittingham may also be another candidate should RR not do what we all know he is capable of doing. But here's the thing, will these guys still be "up and coming" in 2011, which is when I am sure RR will have the job through. Until then we need to do everything we can to support RR and the team and yes that would include not giving into these types of conversations. I know that we are all disappointed by these losses but really guys this does not help anyone.


November 8th, 2009 at 9:49 AM ^

to clarify... i agree with you that neither of those guys will be *up and coming* by 2011. i was just addressing an earlier poster saying that there weren't any really hot coaches available at the moment (in general, not for michigan... RR's not going anywhere)

who knows who would be available in 2011. hopefully it will be a non-issue.


November 8th, 2009 at 8:07 AM ^

I think MGoBlog would be 100x better if everyone here would start a new thread every time they heard some random mouthbreather spew verbal diarrhea like, "HURRRR GRUDEN WOULD BE AWESOME DUDE!"


November 8th, 2009 at 8:16 AM ^

Having lived in the Tampa area for most of Gruden's tenure with the Bucs, I have seen and heard his good and bad points dissected on a daily basis for a long time.

The bad:

He is terrible at putting together a roster; the main cause of this is overestimating the abilities of QB's.

He is extremely toxic behind the scenes; he pisses off players and coaches alike. I would compare him to a Billy Martin or Bobby Knight.

No real team identity. While some may look at this as balance, I see it as indecision.

About as honest as Carty, Rosenpuke, and Shyster were when the interviewed players for the "positive" stories they were working on.

The good:

The press loves him. He is glib and looks like Chucky.

Like Bobby Knight, players only have to be around him for four or five years. This makes it a lot more difficult to "lose the locker room" in college than it is in the NFL.

The bottom line:

One of the most frustrating things about being a UM fan is that the administration takes forever to do anything that involves change. In this case, though, it is a good thing. Unless the Rosenpuke witch hunt uncovers major violations that involve a lack of integrity on the part of the coaching staff, or RR does a Gary Moeller-type public meltdown, RR will get at least four and probably five years to finish bringing the team into the 21st century.

Besides, no matter how bad it looks right now, I haven't written off the possibility of an upset against the evil Scarlet and Gray yet. If they beat OSU and win a tacky bowl game, the attitude in Ann Arbor will change considerably. I would imagine that the fence-sitters and bandwagon-jumpers might even decide to lay off of RR for awhile.


November 8th, 2009 at 9:01 AM ^

I liked Gruden in the nfl, but if we get an nfl coach I'd want to get a defensive minded coach that wins games based on defense. GERG is coo and everything, but in those superbowls he won, they had Elway, Davis, Sharp ect...That team was led by their offense. If we were to ever go nfl lets get Mike Nolan (broncos d-cord) or Dom Capers (packers d-cord). As you can see no matter how bad your offense is you still are likely to win with a dominate defense (see ostate and Iowa).

As for Gruden I don't think he leaves the nfl for anything, but maybe nd.


November 8th, 2009 at 1:06 PM ^

is a dumb place to start any conversation. Someone is going to make him an offer right now? Who, Matt Millen?

Pres Coleman is not going to step in and fire Rodriguez in year 2 or year 3, she has even cited the way the U handled dragging out the Amaker years.


November 8th, 2009 at 7:42 PM ^

Interesting that both ND and Michigan fans are now starting up the coaching search rumors.

I think Rich will definitely be given another year though. Weis, on the other hand, is gone. Gruden will probably be looked at. My bet is Kelly.

So yeah, if its any consolation, we ND fans are suffering as much (probably more) as you guys.


November 9th, 2009 at 9:19 AM ^

I'm against firing Rod for the record, but two words: Brian Kelly
And listening to Gruden on MNF doesn't make me want Michigan to go hire him under any circumstance, though I know broadcasting is different from coaching.


January 6th, 2011 at 1:08 AM ^

Not sure, I'm starting to think that Gruden really enjoys the broadcasting gig he has with ESPN right now.  I highly, highly doubt, that he leaves that job for a HC spot in college.  It would take a lot of convincing to do so.  Although, I would love for him to come here, his name alone, will bring some of the best recruits in the nation.  I'm 99.99% sure the he's not going to even interview for the job. But you never know in the college football scene.  Crazier things have happened.