Johnson/Klatt on the call

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Per MGoBlue game notes.  I thought word was that it would like be a Tim Brando call, and that Josh Martellus would have a really big day, but it looks like we have been promoted to the "primetime crew" after Staee got their head out of their ass last Saturday.  This is my favorite broadcast team going right now and happy they will be on the call (even if the game will likely take 5 hours to play).



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So why do you give them the 't'?  The word 'The' is not part of the school name - that crap was started by some blustery alums during the little intro videos for NFL games.  So, basically, you're indulging their self-importance.  Why?

Personally, I will never give them that credit.  If they can't figure out that 'OSU' is their school, well, uh, I got nothing for 'em...


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Just an FYI: While some of the members of the crew may be different the head ref of the 2016 OSU game, Daniel Capron, just worked the Wisconsin game. Michigan was called for two penalties (well, three -- two fouls were unsportsmanlike conduct on the Hill pick-six), only one of which was accepted (running into the kicker was declined).


Note: Bobby Sagers is the ref that patted Mike Weber on the butt and I believe is the one who flagged Harbaugh for a 15-yard penalty. Also, according to this he is the one who made the initial spot of the ball on The Spot.

The Fugitive

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Last year against Minnesota on one of Karan's long runs, all Brando said was "Higdon, Higdon, HIGDON!" 

That guy sucks. That is all. Glad we get Gus and Klatt City 


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It infuriates me when announcers do the Meeeechigan thing. We get it, Ufer was great. But FFS get your own thing, like, I don't know...pronunciation of players' names...

I hate it. I hate it and I want it to die. Quick like the tongue of a snake. Or slower than molasses in January. Just as long as it dies.


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you know, i didn't start off as a gus johnson fan but i have grown to appreciate him.  it didn't hurt that i read about his love for our favorite school.   

go blue, beat the molesters!


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Interesting use of the phrase "on the call."  I hadn't seen it used this way before.  Is this a new invention, or just one of those standard terms I have somehow just missed?


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I can't get my head around why people like Gus Johnson. All he does is yell over and over again and refer to Joel Klatt as "partner" 100 times. I don't need to hear "DELIVEEEEEEERRRRSSSS!!!!" every time Patterson or Lewerke make a throw. 


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I realize I'm probably in the minority.  But I like most broadcast crews.  I like Griese.  I like Gus Johnson & Joel Klatt.  I like Tirico & Flutie.  I like(d) Millen.  I like Spielman.  I like Rod Glmore.  I even liked Musburger until that weird thing with AJ McCarron's girlfriend.  Honestly, I watched the TCU-Texas Tech game last week with Herbstreit and Joey Galloway and enjoyed their commentary, and man did Galloway annoy the hell out of me in college with his "all day long" bullshit against teams like IU and Kent State.

There are a few crews I don't dig.  Brando & Tillman make so many errors it's pathetic.  I don't mind Brock Huard but I find his partner, Bob Wischusen, annoying as hell.  Ray Bentley always sounds drunk.  I really want to like Beth Mowins because I respect what she's doing and hope she can blaze a path for more women in the booth--but man is her monotone an issue.

I'm not going to try and convince anyone to enjoy broadcasters they don't like.  Perhaps my standards are too low.  But I do think the games are a lot more enjoyable this way.


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Not a fan of Gus either. He seems to work too hard to manufacture enthusiasm when it isn't warranted such that it is hard to distinguish from his voice when it really is a big play. Plus he definitely prefers MSU to Mich. Klatt is meh. Brian Griese is very good.


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Agree with you there. He seems to equate loud commentary with good commentary. For my money, give me Spielman with whoever. I know he's a Buckeye but his LB instincts and training let him diagnose and explain plays on the fly better than anyone I've seen in the business.