September 10th, 2013 at 6:59 PM ^

I saw him on the Three and Out tour.  The stories are fun.  

In case anyone didn't see it BSD had a piece on him talking about some of the mistakes in the book:


I remember seeing a PSU reporter's review of the book arguing that the Jay Paterno near beatdown was a different game than reported in the book and that's one of the three things JUB discusses in the above link.  


September 10th, 2013 at 7:52 PM ^

Nicola's Books in A2 last Friday was packed with alumni, and a real treat given that I live 2000+ miles away from there and I rarely have opportunities to experience such things (or for that matter the MGoBlog happy hour, or the Saturday night Collegiate Moneyball Superproduction - which I did enjoy immensely, BTW). Anyhoo, Bacon is for real and he's a great storyteller. I get a little pained by some MGoBlog readers who nitpick errata (real or imagined) and then, much like Dennis Dodd, misrepresent what he says. This guy is not about someone just trying to draw attention to himself. He's anything but that kind of "guy" (ref someone's description of him as "this guy..." recently). He's a True Blue Michigan alum, supporter, fan and yes, critic of those aspects of the school that he believes are worthy of greater discussion by alumni and the broader public (gasp... sorry DB). He also gives great commentary every week on WTKA and other outlets, and is thus part of my lifeline back to Michigan. He does all this while making clear his love for the University of Michigan, its traditions and its student-athletes. IMO you have to be a real douchebag to go all pit bull on him. Those who do are often the same thing they accuse him of being - self-promoting whiners who have an over the top sense of appreciation of the sound of their own voice.