John Harbaugh: Jim "done" with Michigan

Submitted by Communist Football on January 4th, 2011 at 6:32 PM
Via Twitter from RavensInsider: "I think the Michigan thing is done now. I don't think he's going to have anything to do with that."



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I think Harbaugh is a good coach at Michigan and I think he'd win at Michigan, but what if Harbaugh=Jeff Tedford. Tedford also took over a 1 win team and preceded go 10-2 (and one of those losses was an game they should have won against Carroll's best USC team) in year 3 with his stud NFL qb (Aaron Rodgers). Since then he's been decent, but hasn't really got back to that level (though the point where it really began to fall off for him was that Kevin Riley Oregon State game with number 1 rank up for grabs). And certainly no one is clamoring for him as Michigan head coach.


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His brother would have some insight. The "I don't think" is perhaps the opening for Jim to change his mind.
<br>Hey, until we hear from Jim, DB, RR, Mary, damn one knows.
<br>I do know that the SF deal is being seriously looked at. Sounds like our deal is further down the list.


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Unfortunately this is turning out to be a Les Miles snafu!! All the speculation...the alum vs DB/MSC....the NFL jobs....has really turned JH off to Michigan!! Clearly this is NOT the Michigan he grew to love so much!! Who can blame JH for staying in comfy surroundings??


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I know this is exciting/scary/redeeming or whatever you'd like to call it, but a cool down might do us all some good (notably our livers). I can't imagine that this instant reaction blitzkrieg is going to make any coach more comfortable making a decision to come here. We still don't know anything official until actual statements have been made by the people we're speculating about.
<br>DB is a smart guy who was hired for his impeccable decision-making and we still don't know that he has dropped the ball, so quick reactions aren't helpful. It's entirely possible that it's all squared away and down to logistics.
<br>I trust him until he proves me wrong, wait for official word before judging and pump the brakes until then. Do work, wizard.
<br>Go Blue.


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If it turns out that DB has decided to give RR a 4th year, how crappy is it that his 4th year begins with the media blabbing non-stop that he's been fired?


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The only reason for John to put something out there is to help in negotiations. Hard to judge here but best guess is that the reason you signal to someone they are not looking good is to get that party to up their offer. I hope that's the case as I can't believe DB is going to lose JH over money.


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I can't think of one good reason why the guy's brother and close friend would go out of his way to volunteer this information it were untrue. Unless he's just some total idiot.


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Here's the full quote:
<br>"I don't know what he's gonna do. I think the Michigan thing is dond now. I don't think he's interested in doing that, which is hard for him because he loves Michigan, but it says a lot about Stanford. We'll just see what happens."
<br>If nothing else, it sounds like the M job was definitely offered to him, which conflicts with some of the "reports" yesterday.