John Beilein on Jim Rome (Updated: direct link of replay)

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Being interviewed on the Jim Rome Show on cbs radio now (insert  replies coming about Rome being a Hack. Which I think he is. Not a bad interviewer , though)


Edit:    Thanks to HailToTheVictors08:  direct link:


Also, MGoBlue-querque sums up the bullet points below.  



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Topics covered:


2. Austin Hatch

3. Peaking at the right time

4. Rome sprung the Louisville news on him. JB was all class in his responses, of course. Did get a little dig in there about doing things the "right way" that season and coming up short. 

Not Covered on the show:

My growing affinity for Coach B.  Such a  good dude.  Bored my wife during the game on Sunday singing JB's praises.


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I remember the first time I heard his radio show, has to be almost 20 years now, and was trying to figure out who the hell this guy was with the meathead sports takes and the college frat brah insider-speak. Now all sports talk radio sounds like him; which is not a good thing and why I listen primarily to NPR.


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It didn’t take long for his act to wear on me. I am a little surprised that he is still on the wear. I thought this whole sports talk radio thing was dying fast.

Toe Meets Leather

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Is an unbeleivable term.


Beilein was describing when a player gains enough experience and understanding to do what's right without having to think about it. Applicable to more than just sports too. 


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One thing I’ve learned in 20 years of reading Sports message’s impossible to have Jim Rome in the Subject heading and NOT have The Chris Everett vid or pic right away.


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Can not find a classier coach. Anywhere.

Michigan is damn lucky to have this guy, for as long as he wants to stay. It will be sad to see him leave, when that comes, on his own terms.