John Beilein interviewed today on the Jim Rome show- talks Final Four

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John Beilein interviewed today on the Jim Rome show- talks Final Four.

I realize that any post involving Jim Rome will result in at least half of the posts hating on Jim Rome, but this is an interview that happened today with the head coach of Michigan.

You can hear the interview by clicking the link below.



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I just listened to the whole interview.  Two comments: (1) Rome behaved himself and let Beilein have the air time; and (2) that's the first time I've heard Beilein at length ... he comes across as a class act.  Nice interview.


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Beilein does come across as a class act.  Glad he's our coach.

I also didn't realize the history that Beilein had with Jim Boeheim at Syracuse.  Apparently Beilein used to coach only 5 miles from Syracuse and ran into Boeheim in town at various coaching clinics and restaurants.


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I think Beilein has been on Rome's show a couple times this season now, and I will say that I never get tired of listening to him talk about this team. As people said above, he's a class act and is very much about this team. 

I also really liked his talk about his connection to Boeheim - even how Boeheim came to his games occasionally at Le Moyne -  and how he feels a little endebtted to Boeheim for making his rise to Division I basketball possible in a sense (helping to get him the interview at Canisius). That was actually a cool story indeed. 


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Beilein is a student of the game, even today after several decades as a coach. I like the familiarity he has with Boeheim and his system. The athletes that Syracuse has are impressive, but our team ain't too shabby either. I'm really excited as I have watched a ton of Cuse basketball the last 8 years or so. Hope they're wearing their orange and we are in yellow. Will look great on TV.

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