Joey Velazquez on commit watch

Submitted by Bluey on June 22nd, 2018 at 10:18 AM

Per Sam Webb. Three-star 2019 Safety/Viper from Columbus.

[ED:BiSB - I modified the tone slightly. Let's try not to be unnecessary assholes to commits on the very day they commit, eh?]



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Committed to OSU to play baseball. Being recruited by Michigan for Viper. Has Bowling Green and Holy Cross football offers. Only got the the green light to commit once their top Viper target Lance Dixon (plays at West Bloomfield and coached by Ronald Bellamy) decided he didn't even want to visit Michigan. Not going to spin this any way other than this is quite ridiculous. As if taking a commit from Missouri State's basketball class wasn't enough. 


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I dont think his film was bad at all. He isnt a 4.2 40 guy, but he looks like he has the body type of a safety/backer hybrid. @ 1:45 in the hudl tape he is lined up at OLB/SS basically, he takes on the lead block on the sweep, then makes the tackle in the back field on the back. That's exactly what you are supposed to do. 

Blue in Paradise

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Welcome to the douchebag @sshat club, you f&cking @sshole shitting on a kid who just committed to Michigan.

You f&cktard sit there pining for kids that don't want to play for Michigan and then $hit on the kids who love Michigan.  Hope that makes you feel like a man.

Why don't you check on Maizen's comments on the Hello posts for the current kids on the basketball roster if you think that he is "factually correct".


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Oh don't get me wrong, I love to argue, and Nebraska was absolutely screwed, but that doesn't mean I get angry and tell random people I hate them. It's a sports blog. I just can't fathom caring that someone I don't even know said something negative about my team.

The best part is you all hate him so much and then just give him so much attention. Look what happens to be by far the most popular post on the board. It's hilarious.


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Trying to follow Michigan recruiting when they take 3 star after 3 star is insufferable. Do people here really think we can beat the Alabama's and Georgia's of the world when those programs are signing 5, 6, 7 five star players a year? Instead of being mad at me for pointing out the reality of things let's try and stay on topic and have a discussion.


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I think a better way to look at this is average player rating.  2018 for instance we had a 3 star player that was 0.8391 in his player rating.  We also had a 3 star player who was 0.8891.  One of these players wasn't ranked in the top 1000 and one was in the top 400.  All three stars are not alike.  The high three star player was also only a few spots away from a fourth star.

So if you look over the last five years in average player rating, Clemson has an average of 0.9070 while Michigan has an average of 0.8961.  Clemson shut out Ohio State with these players.  I think looking at stars only doesn't give you the complete picture of talent.  The range of only looking at stars is too great to make a concise analysis of talent.


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When comparing recruiting classes, I’ve always tried to use this method. The average recruit rank is a lot more telling than where your class is ranked. 

In the rankings, teams are rewarded mostly by the amount of commits they have instead of the actual “talent” they’re bringing in.

For example, Purdue has the 3rd best class in the B1G right now despite having the 3rd lowest average recruit score. Simply due to the fact that they have 17 commits.


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This is somewhat incorrect.  While a gap scheme (power/counter/toss/iso) does thrive on domination of the man across from you (all offenses do!! FWIW), Harbaugh’s offense uses multiple personnel sets with shifts and motions to gain a #’s advantage if the defense does realign correctly.  Elite talent helps no doubt, but isn’t 100% necessary to be successful.  A lot is on the QB to check the call, if they don’t gain the #’s advantage.


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Our OL last year and their 247 ranking

LT- Cole: 4* #125 overall

LG- Bredeson: 4* #39 overall

C- Kugler: 4* #68 overall

RG- Onwenu: 4* #87 overall

RT- JBB: 4* #325 overall

RG- Ruiz: 4* #47 overall

Our best offensive players last season were a 3* RB (Higdon), a 3* WR (Perry), a 3* TE (McKeon) and 5* DPJ. 

There goes your logic. Right out the window.


June 22nd, 2018 at 2:07 PM ^

Actually it doesn't. First of all the worst player on the OL by far was the lowest ranked kid. Second of all Perry has been passed this spring by all the 4 and 5 star WR's in 2017 class per Sam Webb. DPJ and Black were pretty much day 1 starters. Third Higdon is a decent player but he would be a 4th string player at best on a team like Bama or UGA. He is not anywhere close to a Atrain, Perry, Hart, Biakabutuka, Wheatley, Boles, etc. Fourth, Zach Gentry was the best TE on the team last year. Fifth, our 3 star QB had a lot to do with the offensive struggles too. Now people think the 5 star is going to fix everything. Gee wonder why that is. 

So no, my logic is just fine thank you very much.

Beilein 4 Life

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This can’t be right because Hart was only a 3 star and he is on your list of great running bs is. Plus, Gentry was a QB, so he couldn’t have been better than Wheatley, who was a 4 star TE. Also, pointing out that the worst OL was the lowest ranked completely ignores that all of them were 4 and 5 star guys with offers from multiple high end schools. Something doesn’t add up in your logic


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Bluey, I find it hilarious that you make an argument about Michigan's OL not being able to out perform the guy across from them and associate stars as the reason. Then, when someone shows you that Michigan's OL is full of highly rated players you shift to the rest of the offense. 

At some point, will you ever accept that coaching has some impact on the outcome of the game? Harbaugh changed his strength coach and got rid of his OL Coaches / Offensive Coordinator. Maybe just maybe, last years struggles had nothing to do with recruiting and everything to do with coaching. The available information supports that, but it doesn't fit what you want to believe so you ignore it. That is why everyone rips on you. You don't use detailed data, you don't accept facts. You just keep pouring forth the same misrepresented lies and falsehoods hoping people will agree with you.  You picked the wrong fan base to try to get away with that kind of stupidity. 


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Michigan's offense is not any more predicated on dominating the guy across them than any other offense.  If anything, it's predicated on misdirection pre-snap and then executing relatively simple blocking schemes quickly.  It's not any more 3 yards and a cloud of dust than anyone else with a "pro-style" offense.  It benefits having speed at the skill position, I guess, but that's also true for any unit. 

I also don't know why you are bringing up Rich Rod as a comparison, since Michigan's offensive teams during that era were pretty talented (beyond Denard, he had linemen like Lewan, Molk, Schilling, and Schofield, and a couple of receivers late), while their defenses were down despite taking a good number of highly-rated defensive players.

Oh wait, this is Bluey I'm responding to?

Nevermind.  Carry on being angry at the world.

Naked Bootlegger

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"Let's try to stay on topic and have a discussion"

Hmmmm....when the topic is presented as "Recruit X is laughably not qualified to even be considered a Michigan football recruit", that elicits a certain instinctive response from many of us.    Not to mention that you've already proven to be a raging asshole of epic proportions in previous posts.   Discussion?   OK.  Let's have one.  The Michigan staff apparently thinks very highly of Joey Velazquez.   I will support this offer and this young man if he chooses to suit up for my beloved Wolverines.   Will he be play meaningful minutes for Michigan?  Time will tell.   But I like Don Brown's instincts a whole helluva lot more than yours.

Gentleman Squirrels

June 22nd, 2018 at 10:53 AM ^

Everyone on this blog would gladly have an open discussion with you if you chose to relay positive news on here from time to time. The way you express yourself now, it just comes off as being 1) not a Michigan fan, 2) a troll, 3) a masochist.Yes, Michigan is recruiting 3 star kids. But the quality of those kids matters. Velazquez is not a bad athlete in any way and should he commit, he could be a starter down the road.

Now you point out Alabama and Georgia as where we should be. Let's be real, as you said, and understand that we are not the juggernauts that they are. Those 2 teams plus OSU have been absolutely dominant for the last 10+ years. It takes time to get there and we are much better off than before. Recruiting is a marathon.

Now if you want to make a comparison, look at Clemson. They are similar to Michigan in many ways in that they are not in a state that produces a ton of talent and have other teams in their conference that are better recruiters. But they utilize 3* recruits along with their more heralded 4* and 5* recruits. That is a program that was built up in 7+ years and only recently has gotten to where it is now. I hope Michigan can get there faster but at the end of it all, I just want Michigan to get to that position at all.