JoePa/Sandusky Protest at Big House(?)

Submitted by twohooks on September 26th, 2016 at 9:55 AM

Last week a topic arose regarding Penn St honoring Joe Paterno's 50 year anniversary of service at Beaver Stadium. Originally a MGoPoster suggested that a movement of 'turning their backs' when PennSt ran onto the field. Though there was less than a week to organize this and did not reach the level of Main Stream media if it did.

For those who were part of that post, and were at the game, did you carry those same sentiments (and turn your back) when Penn St actually did run onto the field? Were there exchanges between you or others towards Nittany Lion fans holding them morally accountable? Were there conversations that you had with loyal fans about the transgressions of the whole Sandusky situation? Or any other personal thoughts or actions?

Masses of folk generally do not like to rehash issues on here but I felt this issue was important and have great empathy for the victims as well.…



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We couldnt organize a decent in-game protest when we all universally hated our AD and wanted him out.  You're thinking we were able to now pull it off to show Penn State how unhappy we are with them?



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Heaven forbid that the students spend time studying, working, volunteering, tutoring or other school related tasks when there's a protest to be had. Indeed, a college athletics protest. DB was going to be gone regardless by the time the "mass student demonstration" occurred on a small spot on campus. I applaud their enthusiasm, but they were not the cause (or trigger) for his departure. Now get off my lawn.


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Dave Brandon was not fired for sending off rude emails. It's very unprofessional, and definitely not something you want your athletic director doing, but that was not "one of the biggest reasons"

The Bos of Me

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Make that two, and the JoeBots behind me were totally irate when I explained that I was turning my back on their team as JoePa had turned his back on those kids. One guy told me "don't show your ignorance in public". I just laughed him off, you can't argue with someone like that. Team made the rest of the statement.

Everyone Murders

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I'd love to hear whether Penn State fans were getting shit from Michigan fans regarding their school's robust history of enabling child rape.  It can't be easy being an alum/fan for that school and going on the road.

For the record, I don't think they should get shit until they show themselves to be idiots like the JoePalogists (TM) behind you.  I know a few of their alums who are appalled by what happened at their school, and one who stopped following and cheering for the team altogether after the facts came out.  In your situation, I would have simply replied, "wow - still in denial, huh?" and turned around back to the field after PSU had taken the field.


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There were notably FEWER PSU fans than in past games... usually a team that travels quite well.  I can't help but think it's partly the fall out of the child rape problem.  

I went with my buddy who is a PSU alum and fan... no one approached him directly with their concerns.


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That was my impression. Just from the way they looked in their first 3 games.

They have already shown how they feel about the 40 years of child rape. If they were playing great football, they would have come out in full force to the big house like they usually do. Let's not fool ourselves into believing there was any fall out from the child rape thing. That fan base, at least the majority of them, has shown where they stand.


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There were notably FEWER PSU fans than in past games... usually a team that travels quite well.  I can't help but think it's partly the fall out of the child rape problem.  

My neighbor (big PSU fan) used to always fly a Penn State flag on his porch in the fall, but has not done so since the scandal broke. I think a lot of PSU fans (outside of Happy Valley) are still embarrassed about the whole situation. 


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The people in front of me said something about how they hoped they had a chance in this game or whatever, and I replied with "You lost this game last week."  The patriarch of the group was confused, so I explained how their ceremony last week may have motivated Michigan this week.

Dude went from 0 to MOAR RAGE in a tenth of a second.  To the best of my recollection, he said something like this: "What, so it's not OK to honor Joe Paterno? F--- you.  Now I hope they win by 50!  That's so ignorant!  He wasn't the one diddling the kids."

I was too stunned to reply.  This guy seemed perfectly normal one momemnt and was a raving lunatic the next.  I guess I knew, intellectually, that they had people like that in their fanbase, but I guess I thought that the ones who escaped the protective bubble of central Pennsylvania would have a slightly more realistic worldview.  Nope.

The other thing I remember from the guy was that he was seemingly offended that Carl Grapentine pronounced Nittany with three syllables.  They seemed unanimous in their opinion that it only had two -- Nit-ney.  I guess it's their version of the endless Brittany vs. Britney vs. Britni vs. whatever debates.  I'd say that it made sense, but I think even Britney (Spears) has more class than PSU fans.

(That's a scary sentence).

Everyone Murders

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The 0 to MOAR rage response is not surprising.  I'm convinced a lot of the rage is based in having been duped into supporting and idolizing a man who, at a basic level, was at best a weak and morally decrepit fool.  (Also, your comment was kind of in-yo-face.  Not that you were necessarily wrong to make it, depending on the context.  But you certainly flushed out a JoePalogist [TM] rather than him revealing himself to be one before you engaged.)

Of course we expect adults to be able to adjust their views on their heroes when damning evidence becomes available.  Anyone who still idolizes, e.g., Lance Armstrong - just wow.

Based on the Grapentine comment (i.e., that the patriarch was offended by CG mispronouncing their made-up name for a mountain lion), it sounds like your patriarch got offended easily.  That's not a great posture to assume when your beloved school is such an easy target, what with the aiding and abetting the rape of children and all.

So anyway, how'd the patriarch enjoy the rest of the game?  Did PSU end up winning by 50? 



September 26th, 2016 at 12:12 PM ^

You're right -- I did provoke him a bit.  Then again, when I go to a game to cheer for the visitors, I sit respectfully and understand that most of the fans are cheering fervently for the exact opposite thing as am I. :-)  Still, I have to admit, the continued existence of a Penn State fanbase upsets me in a way that, say, MSU fans can't, which certainly contributed to my state of mind.

Oddly, they didn't seem to make it to the end of the game.  He probably just didn't want to be around a bunch of irrational Michigan fans after PSU completed its beatdown of the overrated, referee-paying Wolverines. :-)

oriental andrew

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Anyway, I couldn't have done anything from home even if I wanted to b/c the previous game on ABC went a bit over and the telecast cut to the Michigan game just before kickoff. 

Unless they did show it and I was distracted by my kids... I mean, vicariously protesting PSU by ignoring the telecast and taking care of my children...