Undefeated dre…

January 20th, 2011 at 6:20 PM ^

And isn't Gardner > Boisture, anyway? And wouldn't going after Boisture be too much of a signal that Michigan is going to go with statues at QB, which could raise alarm bells for Denard ... and possibly Gardner?

Blue Bunny Friday

January 20th, 2011 at 10:32 PM ^

A CMU blogger at MLIVE wrote this one.

Schmid: Look if you guys from Michigan want to keep beating me up about a selection. I already had you calling in about Edwin Baker [2009 Michigan State commit] last year. I understand that Joe has taken a lot of grief for his year at Saline.

I have no affiliation or affinity for the University of MIchigan. I cover Central Michigan sports for a website called MLIVE. I am not trying to condemn the decision or make Joe look bad. I am simply interested as a college football fan how a player with twice as many interceptions as touchdowns could be selected to the most prestigious All Star game in the country.

Schmid: What do you want us to do...un-invite him? That's not going to happen. I have nothing else to say to you.

Waters Demos

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that the question "spartans - what is your profession?" is necessary (isn't it obvious what they do?), or actually answered? 

This question would be more interesting if put to my spartan brethren. 

"Aoo aoo aoo" is, at best, some kind of indecipherable grunt.  It doesn't answer the question.  It never made sense to me; I always thought it was stupid and hated hearing it at football games. 


BTW, your comment was very funny, and I indeed laughed out loud, which almost never happens. 


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Look at his offer sheet... when you're a 4* QB from Michigan with offers from just MSU and Wisconsin... you're probably overrated. Otherwise Indiana, NWestern, Iowa, Illinois, Minny, ect ect ect would've offered him too.


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Who didn't see this coming?  He's leaving because he sucks - he won't even start in the MAC.  I've never been more stumped by a recruits ranking than with him.