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The big thing with Boisture was that his play dropped off SO much from his Jr to Sr year in high school. A lot of us initially thought it was just SPARTY NO! karma after he committed to MSU, but if he had serious enough back problems where they're talking about spinal stabilization surgery, then that's a big problem.

or, just commence MSU oversigning rumors now.


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from his junior and senior year.  I saw him play several times his junior year at Goodrich and he was a solid D1 prostpect.  This is the year that he received the buzz and the invites as well as his status as a recruit.

His senior year was a complete bust as was his time at MSU.

Feel bad for the kid.  He shut his mouth and put up with comments and snipes from football fans who are recruitniks



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As a father whose son plays football, and as someone who has watched his kid get carted off the field in an ambulance, I feel for this young man.  It has to be tough to give up something you obviously love, due to an injury.  There's no doubt he's making the right choice.  Good luck in life, JB.

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As much as we (I) love to rag on MSU, a degree with a solid GPA from any of the Big 10 schools is good enough to get your foot in the door--which is all students can really ask for. I went to a small school for undergrad, and I couldn't get my foot in the door, so I know what an advantage big-name school kids have.


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And, in the grand scheme of things, MSU is an academic juggernaut. Is it as famous or respected worldwide as UM? No. But it still is one of the top 80 U.S. universities (this is a big deal considering there are over 2,000 4-year colleges in this country), and it has top programs in nuclear physics, supply chain/logistics, education, industrial/organizational psychology, veterinary medicine, among others. It also has pretty reputable MD, DO, and Business schools.

We all like to joke at the expense of our rivals but matter of fact is, every single Big Ten school is an "academic juggernaut" if you compare it with all the other colleges out there.


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There aren't many schools out there with vet medicine programs.  OSU and MSU have them, but not Michigan.  They usually go hand in hand with ag programs because of the obvious synergy.

Of course, Michigan's medical school could take State's medical school and stuff it into a trash can, so there's that.


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My post was not intended to be an MSU vs. UM thing. I even said that MSU is not as famous or respected worldwide as UM.

My point was that every Big Ten school is an "academic juggernaut" in the grand scheme of things, and that MSU has its own share of impressive programs. The Big Ten overall is a very impressive academic conference.

MSU's nuclear physics program could take any other school's nuclear physics program and stuff it into a trash can...


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was a joke 25 years ago when I applied. Their DO school was considerred much better.Did something change in the meantime ? I have never met a graduate of their MD program, but it was designed primarily for GPs who promised (cross their heart and hope to die) to practice out in the sticks. Not the kind of program likely to be ranked highly.


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I was a senior writing for the school newspaper when Boisture transferred in during his junior year. As expected, he blended in with the jock crowd, but when I interviewed him, he was thoughtful and polite; he seemed like a pretty nice kid. Hopefully he transitions to a post-athletic life smoothly.


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Tough breaks, and I wish him the best.  Any time you have to retire from your passion earlier than you want, it is a loss; doubly so when you are barely out of HS.

This probably helps to account for the fact he looked so meh coming out of HS despite all the hoopla and poise he showed early on in his career.  Hope he lives a full and complete life.

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when they played Chelsea, he took a hard hit from behind and spent 5-10 minutes on the field before being taken off on the cart.  It wasn't the beginning of his back problems, but it certainly didn't help.


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Joe has been battling back issues since his junior year of high school. Things got worse his senior year, and that huge hit you mentioned didn't help at all.

MSU redshirted him and everyone hoped he'd get better, but the doctors think he needs spinal surgery + 1 year rehab to even see the field again. This is sad for a guy who was considered one of the top QB recruits in the country during his early HS years.

Sounds like he's taking it well though. Hopefully he'll succeed somewhere other than the football field.


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I feel like a total ass now.  Just reading the thread title caused me to have a laugh at the expense of sparty.  But, after reading the article I feel really bad for the kid.  I hope he can continue to attend school and earn his degree.


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and I would hate rules that would substantially limit its violence, but I often times have a hard time coming up with good arguments against people who would like to institute those rules.


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out-of-state recruiting at QB worked out better for us than in-state recruiting did for MSU here, eh?

Seriously though, he'll be fine. A degree from a B10 school will get him through life. I'd assume he gets to stay on medical scholarship until he gets his degree, so at least it's not like this is gonna ruin the kid.


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He was overrated and would never have been more than a benchwarmer.  And he will now get a medical exemption at MSU and still get a free college education without the time or energy expenditure he would have had to make for football.  He comes from a solid family, and will have a solid education.  He will be fine.  

I wish him well.