jNWU: Persa out for year

Submitted by formerlyanonymous on November 13th, 2010 at 3:56 PM

Chicago Tribune's Teddy Greenstein's twitter, NU's QB Dan Persa is out for the rest of the year:

Fitz on persa: ruptured achilles. Out for remainder of season. Surgery tonight. What a blow.

Huge loss for the Wildcats. Persa was arguably the best all around QB this season in the Big Ten. He MADE PLAYS.  Lots of them, including several key plays to lead them to victory over Iowa today.



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That's fun.

I ruptured my Achilles playing basketball this fall.

Then re-ruptured it a couple weeks ago, two days after I got off crutches.  

Surgery #2 is in 10 days.

This is not an injury I recommend.


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I was thinking about NW QB's earlier today. Any experts out there with opinion on how they get these prolific QB's? Are they recruiting sleepers, or is it system, development, what? It has been consistent for a while now, so I figure it's some combination, but just guessing as to the ratio.


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I think it's a little bit of everything.  They recruit smart, moderately athletic quarterbacks who don't fit the quarterback mold that big programs want.  Then they can usually redshirt them and keep them on the bench for a couple seasons.  When they get to play they know the system, and can get 4-8 yards rushing on any play.  While they aren't huge home run threats, they keep the defense on their toes and that allows them to get wide open receivers.

Persa is a redshirt junior who got some action as the backup qb last year.  So he's experienced in terms of years and has seen playing time during real games.  Edit: You update to say that you realize it's a combination.  As far as the ratio, I would say 84% system and development, 15% "sleepers" and 1% grit/moxie.

I think Northwestern's offense is probably what our team will look like in down years.  We can get much better athletes in general, but every couple years we'll probably see a quarterback who might not be the insane freak that shoelace is.  For people worried about him being a "once in a lifetime player" that means our offense will suck when he graduates, just look to Northwestern to see that the offense will still work.


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So looking at their roster, it will probably be redshirt freshman Evan Watkins who plays QB now.  It seems like he's a bit more of a pocket passer (6'6" 245 pounds).  We'll see if their offense changes.  Like I said though, he doesn't have to be a home run threat like Denard or Pat White or Dennis Dixon.  As long as he can get a good 4 yard average on about 10 rushes per game, he'll keep the offense moving with his arm.

Maximinus Thrax

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I remember back in 03 when Basanez was shredding defenses up and down.  Then he faced us.  The "Basanez will not be denied" storyline survived well into the 4th quarter of that game, until it appeared that the Michigan curb-stomping of NW was inevitable.  One of the many instances where the ESPN hype machine implodes in the face of its own arrogance.  As if simply the act of having their commentators universally praise an overachieving recruit can will him to victory.


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I/ll take that advice.  Next time life offers me a ruptured what ever I;ll say no thanks HermosoBlue says that I should pass, thanks anyway.  Hope you heal fast get better soon.


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It was weird too because you couldn't tell where it happened... he threw the ball and all of a sudden just collapsed.  I wonder if it ruptured during or after the play.


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Last year, NU knocked out Ricky Stanzi and beat Iowa and their backup QB. So this time Iowa knocks out Northwestern's QB and beats them with...wait, this payback didn't quite go as planned did it?