JMo Appreciation - Post Draft

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Saw this in Beilein's twitter feed.  Had to give it its own post, and I really am disinclined to make new threads myself.


This picture says it all!!! Thx @JustJMo for being a champion on and off the court ! A leader and the best! Go Blue!

— John Beilein (@JohnBeilein) June 11, 2014



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J-Mo is awesome. I worked the Shooting camp this past week and all of the M players are out of town/doing workouts, etc. and Jordan took time out of his day to come by and talk to the campers for 30 min about hard work and dedication. He's one of the most humble players I've ever met. I hope he lands somewhere and gets in a few years in the league. He deserves it.

rob f

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1) Get up

2) Check MGoBlog /see if J-Mo has signed anywhere as an UFA/fix coffee

3) get ready for work

4) check MGoBlog/J-Mo status?/Friday Posbang

5, etc) repeat #4 over and over again

6) skip work (?)


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Technically, contracts can't be signed until July 10th, when the salary cap is set for the season, but they can be negotiated beforehand. Consider the NBA draft as sort of the end of the NBA calendar, whereas the NFL draft is near the beginning of its calendar.

There are two summer leagues, Orlando and Las Vegas. Orlando is first, and many prospects attend both leagues, although Vegas is larger, so if you attend only one, it's likely that. Teams can have both an Orlando and Vegas team, just one, or none. I think they can share, but I don't know if in practice that happens often. Playing for a team in the summer league does not give them any official priority to sign you to a contract.

In practice, because there are two summer leagues, you don't see most players signing a deal from summer league until after Vegas. Furthermore, most players who wind up with a team post summer league will just get a training camp contract. This pays, but very little. The next step up is a small amount of guaranteed money $25-$50k. Getting a fully guaranteed contract, even at the rookie salary, is pretty rare out of summer league, although certainly a handful if players get that each year. But it's possible, and probably more likely in a deep draft year.


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Seems like yesterday Jordan was a recruit and "MommaMorgan" was proudly posting on about her son, his work ethic, etc. I feel like I am a proud family member watching Jordan achieve things we all dreamt of.

rob f

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Obviously, then, I did forget it.  But though I follow the NHL a lot more closely than the NBA, it's the opposite way around for their two drafts.  The NBA draft is a lot more attractive simply because I recognize tons more players than I do in the NHL Draft.

Back to J-Mo, though:  Some lucky NBA GM will find a hidden gem tomorrow when they sign Morgan.  More than ever before, I'll be looking all day for info on where J-Mo is heading. 

And, no doubt, so will be Coach Beilein and his staff.


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And he did it without question. He so often took the opposing team's best player off of his game through sheer will. It's no coincidence that his 4 years produced some of the greatest moments in Michigan Basketball history. He will be missed.


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He conducted himself well and got his degree. He helped bring the program back to prominence. He will have lots of options. Maybe get picked up in the NBA but more likely play in Europe for a solid salary, then come back home after a few years and be a fixture in the community (either on staff at UofM, maybe a broadcast career if he's good on radio or TV, or get a corporate sales job in the Ann Arbor area). He's a good egg.

As much as getting kids drafted helps future recruiting, I think a guy like JMo helps recruiting just as much. Statistically most kids don't make the NBA. JMo is the gold standard for what a Michigan degree and playing on a quality squad can do for a kid who WON'T ultimately make an NBA roster.

You can still set up a pretty sweet life for yourself if you do it right, and JMo is definitely on track for that.


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This picture is full of win!  Fantastic and thanks for sharing.

While I felt a little bad for JMo not being drafted, I look at that picture and am amazed by his good fortune - which he *earned*

Anyone know what the bottom right hat is?

gustave ferbert

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the most indescript achievement is the orange tassle (Engineering school) is probably the most impressive.  But what are the four blocks at the bottom?  Between the hats.


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This picture is awesome. What an exemplary student athlete and person. I think he'll be active with UM for a long time, like Zack Novak or even more. Can't wait to see what he does next!


June 27th, 2014 at 6:57 AM ^ the event it did not show up in the OP for anyone:

Very few people associated with Michigan basketball nowadays aside from Beilein and a few others can say they witnessed a transformation of an entire program, and indeed, helped lead the program through it to great success. Jordan Morgan is indeed one of those few. 

Evil Empire

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I suppose if that happened to us I would be mad, but they had a much more experienced team and blew it.  Triche was very dismissive of Michigan before the game, then with the game in the balance, committed too early to his move and got correctly called for the charge.  So sad for you.  Oh, almost forgot:


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there has been a Wolverine I've respected more than Jordan Morgan. I will never forget that after the humiliating way his junior season ended, when it seemed he'd lost all his minutes and could have moved on, he decided to come back and do whatever he could to help the team.

In many ways I think he will be the hardest Wolverine to replace.

Avon Barksdale

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No pressure on Donnal, Doyle, and Bielfeldt: they are just trying to replace one of the most beloved Michigan big man on and off the court in quite some time.


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That's one  awesome collection of hardware! Great look, great teammate, and great representative of what being a student athlete is all about!