JMFH is Back

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I was so tired of the Jim Harbaugh can't win the big one narrative...largely based on a small sample size and 2 respectively absurd and unfair events - The punt 6 (MSU 2015) and the robbery in the Shoe (OSU 2016)

Harbaugh should be at worst 3-1 against MSU, and 1-2 vs. OSU at this point...and this doesn't even account for last year's 5 turnover monsoon game against MSU and not having a healthy QB against OSU the past 2 years.

Last year, we saw a more subdued Harbaugh - either because he had a younger team, or was just trying to be a less controversial figure on the sidelines.  FUCK THAT!

I love having JMFH back.  This team has attitude, they talk it, and most importantly walk it.  Coach isn't taking shit from other programs, the media, the refs, or playing the PC bullshit anymore.

This is the JMFH we wanted, that took shitty San Diego State, Stanford, and The 49ers to new heights, and did it his own quirky, tough, in your face way.  It's great having you back coach, and great to see it reflected in your players who won't take shit from anyone.


matty blue

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i've been saying this well over a year - the media narrative was that he was, yes, "subdued," and had "learned his lessons," or some other nonsense. 

i think he knew that his team had limitations that would keep them from making a legit title run and was using the season as a way to prepare for this year.  some guys are hardasses that can get a great team over the line, some guys are builders (or rebuilders, if you like) that can get a team ready to do it in the future...our guy can do both.


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Another NICU parent here.  My daughter was seven weeks early and only in NICU for 9 days.  Those units work miracles.  But it was the longest nine days of my life, and I pretty much cocooned until she came home.  Can't imagine what Harbaugh was going through -- his "mild phase" was probably a combination of a lot of things.  But welcome back, Coach!

Crime Reporter

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As a father of a NICU baby I will tell you it was draining.

While other new parents got to take their newborn home, we lived at the hospital watching our daughter through a box. And we were lucky. She was only there 13 days. There were a lot of unknowns at the time. My daughter is 3 now and you wouldn’t know she was premature.  


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As happy as the all success and vindication makes me, it pisses me off that all the doubters and chicken littles are gonna pretend like they weren't seriously doubting his ability for a solid 1.75 years (and as early as fucking YESTERDAY) and celebrate with the rest of us. A solid percentage of this fanbase is really ignorant and toxic and does not deserve him or the success that he will bring.


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People on this blog were posting that Harbaugh should be fired during the game yesterday.  There will always be haters/doubters unless you win every game every year.  I don’t even understand it.   Who would you hire?  Short of Belicheck or Saban (and given their age, not sure i would want them - ignoring the fact they would be impossible to hire) is there anyone that you would rather have? 10-3, 10-3, 8-5, 7-1 seems awesome to me given he took over a 5-7 team  







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I have been solidly behind this team all this year, even to the point of blazing the Nay-Sayers over and over again.  That said, I really think that Warriner and Don Brown will be the reason we don’t want Harbaugh’s head on a plate.  Harbaugh has hired pretty well, but I am certainly not convinced he does this without Brown and Warriner.  He is not the coach Saban or Meyer is at this point.


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Without Warinner, tOsu's online has been getting worse and worse. Man are we trending in a linear fashion in all facets. God bless us college football gods, God bless us. Even in the mSu game you could see the turning of the guard in the big picture. Our Qb depth is taken care of for the distant future. I've said it once, and I'll say it again I love being a tur...Michigan Wolverine!


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I still think play calling is a major issue.  Our defense is nasty so it is not costing us games at this moment, but that second quarter yesterday...... oof.   Instead of playcalling “by committee,” I still think he should consider playcalling “by one really talented playcaller.”


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It goes for any manager.  Attract and retain top talent.  Always hire people smarter than you.  Coach is great at this.  He has started a pretty decent coaching tree, and other than Durkin, hes done well to develop talent and get peoples careers launched.  Hes also done a great job hiring when spots open.  


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If you're saying Harbaugh hasn't yet won a NC like Saban or Meyer, then I can't disagree with that.  If you're saying that Harbaugh's success to date is merely a product of his assistants' talents (and Saban's and Meyer's is less so) then I invite you to look at each of their coaching trees:

Saban:  Dantonio, Muschamp, Jimbo Fischer, Kirby Smart, Jeremy Pruitt, Derek Dooley, McElwain, Lane Kiffin, Jason Garrett, Dan Enos.

Meyer: Tom Herman, Dan Mullen, Charlie Strong, DJ Durkin, Steve Addazio, Kyle Whittingham, Doc Holliday, Gary Anderson (and Warinner).

Yeah, I'm sure none of these guys had anything to do with Saban and Meyer's success over the years.


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A lot of good, long time fans have doubted him in big games.  It doesnt make anyone “toxic”.   It’s called high expectations.  Does it have to be rainbows and unicorns when we lose to OSU year after year?     A lot of fans, like me, don’t like losing.  Yesterday was a huge step in the right direction.  Momentum is on our side, and I don’t see any reason to lose another game this year. 


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 It’s called high expectations.

It's cool to talk about "high expectations" and all but the team we had a year ago was not set up to win big things, even if Speight had stayed healthy.  Harbaugh had to make do with two consecutive small, low-rated classes (2014 and '15) which put him behind the eight ball last year.  

As for losing to OSU, is he to really to blame for the 2016 game, or the '17 game for that matter?  

snarling wolverine

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Coldwater, let's be honest - you've spewed a whole lot of scorching hot takes during the Harbaugh era.

Jim cobbled together 28 wins in his first three years with an Iowa castoff (Rudock), a low-rated Hoke guy (Speight) and John O'Korn at QB.  I don't know how many coaches could have done that.  But you were swimming in the BPONE the whole time.  Enjoy the journey before it's over dude.

The Mad Hatter

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He had good reason to be quiet last year. But now that the Michigan Death Star is finally coming online, there is no longer a reason to keep our heads down and hope for the best.

After yesterday we will be favored to win the rest of our games up to and including the Big 10 championship.

This season is about to get fun.

Mitch Cumstein

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I’m going to make a statement with absolutely no evidence to back it up, except experiences in my life and knowing others with similar experiences: I’m wondering if having a baby that had some health issues didn’t contribute to his seeming lack of energy last year. Just one thing I don’t see brought up in these threads.