A Case of Blue

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A bit of interthreaduality here, but: I should probably get my woman card taken away, because the first thing that popped into my head upon reading this headline was "What do you tell a woman with two black eyes?"

A Case of Blue

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I feel kinda crappy about posting that, it wasn't intended to be offensive and now I can't edit it (as seen in other thread). It was just a comment on how embedded that stupid joke is in my head, but it makes me sound like a twit. If someone passes by who can remove it, please do.

Also I accidentally negbanged myself for it, so great.


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Digital Sports Daily is hearing that he may have been sucker punched:

RT @dsportsdaily: Working on getting confirmation on story that Notre Dame QB Jimmy Clausen was involved in a fight outside bar Sunday morning.

RT @dsportsdaily: Some people say that Clausen was "sucker punched", may have only used self-defense... Obviously we have little info on what happened


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Andy on November 23, 2009 9:24 PM

Some very ugly souls haunt this locale. I won't be back, but what posters here know about Notre Dame could be stuffed up their butts, which is where I suggest they shove it.

Epic comments? Oh yes.

The Biatch

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3.Unless you were at the bar, shut up!
7.You ND haters make me sick! You are so damn jealous that you could never get in.
8. By the way, Jimmy has a legitimate 3.4 average in college. Grade school is far from college. I myself, a teacher with a Masters Degree, did not do great in elementary school but thrived in High School and College!



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Man, I wish this would have happened later in the week. Can you imaging Jimmy coming out to play Saturday with a couple of shiners? I would watch that game for sure.


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of these "alleged" stories from random radio callers. We sure have had our share of rumors twisted and turned into BS at UM over the past few years and it's maddening. I don't really care where it happens, I'm just not a fan of these internet rumors that explode into madness instantaneously before any chance of factuality presents itself. Well, that is unless it happens at Ohio State, fuck them.


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Bizarre that the ESPN story places the incident outside a restaurant after a family dinner, while the original article puts the event at 2:30am outside a bar.

Personally, the fight doesn't seem like a big deal but the giant difference in reported stories is questionable. Did ESPN pull their facts from a university press release?


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Both sentences from the ESPN article:

...was punched in the face by an irate fan outside a South Bend restaurant early Sunday morning...

...as he left an establishment after having dinner with his parents.

Now, it's possible that Jimmy was having dinner with his parents early Sunday morning, but it's likely the "after" is of the 6-hour-with-a-night-at-the-bar-in-between variety.

"the name of the bar was CJ's and that a bartender at the establishment said that Clausen had been there with family members"

the_big_house 500th

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But I don't care for fans like these. This is the kind of stuff that is trashy and uncalled for. I mean all the guy had to do was say thats my girl friend he really didn't need to act out like that.


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I agree, while it's always fun to make light of ND's misfortunes and laugh at how bad they are, this is crossing the line. I don't care if you're pissed at him, retaliating this way is not right - especially in front of his parents/family. Sure, he's a cocky SOB and who wouldn't want to sucker punch someone from your rival, but seriously - this stuff can't happen. It's totally undignified.


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The commenter who calls himself Seamus seems a little bit addled, but I did really like this comment:

" My own son in law went to Michigan State and told me what the majors of the athletes were. It was a joke....they didn't even take their own tests!"

Where are Rosenpuke and Shyster? Maybe they could sneak up to EL and lie to some students there to get more info.


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damefan1 is my favorite. I subscribe to his youtube channel just to see what insanity he will spew next.
They guy is a such a clown.

On the Clausen "sucker punch" it sure seems interesting they are now reporting that he was with simply having dinner with family and other upperclassmen and some guy just hit him. T
So nothing happens to the puncher? Nobody chased him or tackled him to the ground and held him until police arrived (they are football players after all,) no police report or charges filed?
I mean come on, we are talking about the f'n starting QB at ND and this happens in South Bend for crying out loud and it is simply a sucker punch and that is it end of story?
Maybe I'm just a dick, but something sounds a little fishy to me with the whole thing.


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The South Bend Tribune reports that the place where it all took place was a bar and restaurant called "C.J.'s Pub", and that Clausen had left initially without incident, but his female friend left her purse in the establishment, and as she went to get it at 2 AM with Clausen, she was pushed by a man outside the bar.

Read more: http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/blogs/abraham/detail?blogid=95&entry_id=5…