Jimmay to go pro?

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Any guesses as to whether or not Jimmay goes pro after this season? Would love to see the Browns draft him.



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SOUTH BEND, Ind. - Editor's note: This story, originally published in Wednesday's editions of the Chicago Tribune's Sports section, included incorrect information that the South Bend, Ind., house owned by the parents of Notre Dame quarterback Jimmy Clausen had been sold. The Clausen family's attorney, Michael T. O'Callaghan, said that the home is not for sale nor has it been listed since the family purchased it. The error was a result of a miscommunication between the Century 21 representative and the reporter. The Tribune regrets the error.


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Let's count the reasons

- His favorite coach is getting fired so it would be rebuilding under a new system.

- If you assume that all of the Lineman playing this year were the best of the roster, he would be in for another year of getting his brains beat in with shitty O Line. (BTW - Sam Young is beyond awful - How did this guy ever get 5 stars in HS. I think my 94 year old grandfather can move quicker than this guy. Zero chance of success at OT in the NFL. Better learn guard quick)

- Golden Tate is going bye, bye for the same reasons as Jimmah

- I can't see too many QBs being taken ahead of him in the NFL draft so he will be a high draft choice

- Last draft before any new collective barganing agreement. I will bet my life that they will be NBA type salary structure for draft choices.

Would anyone with an IQ above the temperature of frozen water stay in this situation.


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He has time to make his decision, the next few weeks will decide it I am sure.

1. Fully agree, I cant think there is any scenario which has Weis retained as the HC

2. 4 of the 8 man rotation (including the center) would very likely be back and to assume that another year of S&C wouldn't help their development is pretty naive. As for Young, he has had an up and down year playing extremely well at times and just awful at others. If you think NFL scouts are not interested in him, that would be incorrect.

3. Tate has basically said Clausen's decision would way more on him than his decision on Clausen

4. I am not sure if all the projections have changed since I last paid any attention to them but he was ranked in the "top 3" and almost always 3rd. So I have to wonder how many teams are even interested in taking a QB in the first round next year? His ranking is only half the equation.

5. Is this based on more than internet speculation? I not trying to sound like a jerk but I remember hearing that over the past 3 seasons, has the NFL actually said something about it?


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I expect Locker to be #1 with little doubt, the wheels, the arm and the strength to stand up against a LBer. Until all the pro-days and combines conclude I didn't think anyone was ready to do much more than draw a line in the sand of where the QB 'talent' seemed to drop off. I wasn't sure if that had changed, thanks


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I can't see any situation where he gets past the mid-20's in the draft this year. If forced to pick - I am thinking mid-teens myself. Decent size, looks like fantastic speed in games, solid hands (looking for your opinion here), plus seems a demon in special teams and the return game. We all know that NFL teams creams in their pants over this (Dante Hall, Devon Hester, Cribbs)

What is your opinion since you follow them pretty closely - Can never think too early about fantasy football for 2010?


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I think he is considering, however he's a local kid and the general feeling around here is that he'll stay. Sarkisian has improved Locker's throwing motion and another year of tutelage would benefit him before heading to the top of the draft in 2011 with possible Heisman in hand. The only way I see him going pro this year is if the Seahawks are in a position to draft him.

Jim Harbaugh S…

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The Jaguars will be taking Tebow with their first pick.

Locker will depend on the team - scouts are torn on him, some want him to return for his final season some think he is a first rounder.

Jimmah will be a top 15 pick for sure, a lot of teams will want a qb: browns, rams, redskins, panthers are the first off the top of my head


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Why should he leave? He's not a troll, he's just our token friendly Domer... much like Samalamadingdong from We Will Always Have Tempe is our token friendly Buckeye. We're still working on a consistent token Sparty.


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Stewart would be available for a 5th year next season but it will depend on what the next year's HC decides.

The QB isn't certain either, if you remove the Clausen and Sharpley the depth chart would look like this:
Crist - tore his ACL, projected return is the middle of spring camp
Montana - maynot return from his transfer


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Add in to the reasons for leaving that he saw what happened to Sam Bradford this season.

Seriously though, I want him and Tate to leave in a bad way. Regardless of any other factors (coach, system, o-line), their offense will score at will next season, and that is not something I want to deal with when we travel to south bend.

I don't see any logical way that Jimmah stays. And hopefully Tate will grade out well and bolt as well. The only thing going against Tate that I have heard is his height, and that is not going to change if he comes back next year. If he is smart he will also leave.

I like our chances against ND next season minus those two and with a new system getting put into place. Hopefully their defense stays the same though!


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He is or had his NFL friends put together scouting reports on both of them based on their college film, which is normally done on just seniors until juniors declare. So he will be able to tell each of them how a certain number of teams would view them in the draft.


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contract problems, the possibility of starting over with a new head coach. Why would you stay?

You are light years away from being good enough to win a National Championship, even if you return.


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Chad Henne was picked in the 2nd round - 57th overall. He is the starting quarterback for the Miami (reasonably successful) Dolphins. Can you see Clausen being valued higher? Given what the NFL has seen with Brady Quinn I think the answer will be no.

Having said that I think there is no way Clausen stays another year at ND. There is no upside at this point.


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Clauson has mad skills. If he keeps his head on straight and works hard....and of course, gets in the right system with the right team, he absolutely can succeed at the NFL level. My guess is that he enters the draft.


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Musberger said something like, "there's the ND AD with Jimmy Clausen." I wish it had been miked, because I would have loved to hear him begging Jimmah to stay.


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I think there's a chance he stays if ND brings in an NFL coach like Bilick and Tate decides to stay as well.

If they hire Brian Kelly then both are as good as gone and ND will have to endure a RichRod-like rebuilding. They have no backup QB, correct?


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I don't think Brian Kelly would force a RichRod like rebuilding... he turned 5th string Tony Pike into a Heisman candidate for God's sake. His offense is highly adaptable to situation, if he had Jimmy he could probably go undefeated.

Billick, on the other hand, hasn't had a good offense since he had freaking Cris Carter, Randy Moss and Randall Cunningham in Minnesota in 1998. He'd do nothing for Jimmy's draft potential except hurt it.

Notre Dame's backup, Dayne Crist, was a 5 star recruit who played sparingly in the first half of the season. He was injured and will be out until the middle of summer, iirc.