Jim Rome Slams Coach Harbaugh on the Jameis Winston Interview

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This is my first post on here. With that being said Jim Rome aka A-Hole on the face of the earth slammed Coach Harbaugh on the Jameis Winston sitauation that we all seen on Draft Academy on ESPN.





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Jim Rome is still on the air?  Huh.  Well, if there's one guy I'd trust when it comes to preparing for NFL interviews, it's Jim Rome and definitely not the guy who played in the NFL for 14 years.


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The clones tho...

I still don't know what that means. I listened to him a few years back for a few weeks on a semi-consistent basis, and I get that a lot of shows have their inside themes where they have sayings and what have you that only regulars understand, but that Rome show was that then-fold. It was impossible to listen to.


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that was a mess x3. The OP write up, the written article and the Jim Rome opinion. Harbaugh just asked him to explain the situation and what he did. He can't totally handhold him, but he helped Winston be prepared to answer it. Jeezus, the bullshit critiquing by armchair coaches is ridiculous. Rome became irrelevent (to me) when I got Sirius.

Tell me what Howard Stern thinks about it, and that would be more entertaining.


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to say, you can dislike Jim Rome, but I don't think he is completely wrong here.  That is the first time I have actually listened to the substance of that interview with Winston.  That really was not a good moment for Harbaugh.  They are having to bleep him out and he is talking to a kid who got suspended for yelling out profane phrases.  I have to say that is odd and I really don't know why he would go on camera with that take.


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Who gives a shit about Jim Rome? Is this 2003?

Side note: did anyone else hear Tony Kornheiser back in 2003 when he did his whole DC based 2 hour radio trolling Jim Rome, it was the "Snack Down". Funniest 2 hours of radio I ever heard.

The Geek

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in San Diego many years ago, when his "career" began in the early 90s, before the "Chrissy" incident.

He got his start on XTRA Sports 690 AM in San Diego, and he's had the same tired schtick ever since. 




Hardware Sushi

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Just today the Cardinals GM said if Hannibal Lector ran a 4.3 that most teams would chalk his past discretions up to an eating disorder.

Nobody in the NFL gives a fuck about free crab legs.

Victor Valiant

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My buddy texted me that quote yesterday. I got a good laugh, but it's nothing that wasn't already obvious. Character issues definitely cause guys considered top pick type talent to slide a bit, simply because those picks are more visible to the pubic, but it won't stop them from being drafted high and/or getting a bunch of shots to succeed in the NFL. The NFL is a business that makes its money by putting the best and most exciting players on the field. It is that simple.


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Asking him if he beats his wife was used as a rhetorical device to show that no matter how someone answers the question they are/were guilty of something.

Jim Rome has never actually beaten his wife, unless you consider making her listen to his show a form of spousal abuse. I do.


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This crap should be deleted. Nothing but clickbait. Honestly, who gives a shit what Jim Rome thinks? Let alone about a minor interview and some advice he gave to a player that isn't even ours? The NFL really doesn't give a shit if someone from Publix gave him some crab legs or not. 


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The "tight, tidy box" comment was probably meant as, "dude, stop trying to explain away the fact that you did something stupid. Because the more you try and explain, the more stupid and pathetic you sound. Just say what you did, take responsibility, and move on." Now Harbaugh could have just said that (and we don't know that he didn't later on), but to take that and call him a "crappy defense attorney" is a bit much. Rome is reaching here.


April 23rd, 2015 at 8:25 PM ^

Exactly. Rome simply didn't understand the whole purpose of the discussion. It's to prepare him for an interview, not coach him as if he is his player, or lecture him on how to be a better person, etc. Also very disingenuous was the incredulity at why they didn't ask him about the rape charges...obviously that was off limits for the show.

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