Jim Rome on RR at the Banquet

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Basically just revised what happened last night and added himself to the list of Rodriguez blasters.  The one good point he made was that no recruit worth his salt is going to want to come play for a coach going through all this.  It is definitely hard to look at the success of a Saban/Chizik type coach and team and not have faith that they will succeed.

I guess the good news is that if Rich is here, next year he'll build upon our 7-5 record and if it is someone else, we'll have a whole new reason to recruit.



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Basically just revised what happened last night and added himself to the list of Rodriguez blasters.

What was it that Jim Rome changed about last night?


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He hit all the same points on his radio show today, and was just going off about it the whole time. He kept playing the Groban song and mocking RR. He's a moron and just another idiot trying to turn the speech into something it wasn't in my opinion. After listening to the speech, it didn't seem to me like RR was pleading to keep his job, as Rome suggested. Rome just tries to be funny and make fun of people, I don't pay much attention to what he really has to say.

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about all of this, I'd just like to ask:  What, exactly, is the offense here? 

Is it a song, that RR self-effacingly introduced as "probably a little sappy"? 

Was it the text of his speech -- something that I've not heard anyone criticize in any particular detail? 

What, exactly, is so bad, and such a national news story about this Football Bust?

I do remember pretty clearly the other time that Rich Rodriguez was catching national-press flack, for "crying."  It was the first press conference after the Free Press Sunday edition story broke on August 30, 2009.  All that existed were the Free Press allegations.  There was no NCAA investigation, yet. 

And what had happened, was that Je'Ron Stokes and Brandin Hawthorne, both of whom had been quoted by name in the paper* had come to Rodriguez's office, terrified and upset that they had gotten their coach and their school in horrible trouble over something that they had innocently said at Media Day.  And it was up to Rodriguez to settle them down.

When Rodriguez began to relate the stories of those two students, that's when he got teary at the first September press conference.

*Nobody from the Free Press has ever explained how it is that former Michigan players would get anonymity, for "fear of retribution from coaches", but two current (then) freshman, two of the most vulnerable kids imaginable, who had only just joined the program, would not get anonymity.  Of all of the depredations of Michael Rosenberg and Mark Snyder, this was the lowest and most caclulated abuse of their subjects.  It was monstrous, and the two Free Press writers should never be forgiven.

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The fact that Rich Rodriguez, perhaps quantifiably, opened the Michigan football program up to greater press access in his first two years, until he was attacked by the Free Press, than any other Michigan coach in a generation.

Bo and Lloyd Carr, and to a slightly lesser dergee, Gary Moeller, had done more to shut out the press than most coaches.  Rich Rodriguez opened things up significantly, gratned far greater press access, and gave more of himself, in terms of unvarnished answers, than any of his predecessors.

That press corps, in general, may have liked Rodriguez.  Which is why it is so remarkable that one of them, Michael Rosenberg, went to such extravagant lengths to try to concoct a story against Rodriguez.


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RR's treatment by the media has reinforced a theory that I developed while watching politics but which seems to hold for coaches too: The media is made up of dogs.  By that I mean that they're more comfortable if you put them in their place.  Being a jerk = being strong.  Being open and non-defensive = being weak. 

Reporters become skittish when they think a coach is weak.  Little drops of urine start to run down their legs and they cower toward the floor.  They are struck with an anxiety that can only be ameliorated by a big, "strong" jerk.

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I had to read your post twice to make sure I didn't miss any sarcasm.

Why would the media need to concoct a story against Rodriguez?

Horrible record? Check

NCAA sanctions? Check

Shady recruiting practices? Check

Defendent in multiple lawsuits (former employers, business partners, etc)? Check

A punchline for national media (not just sports related)? Check

What that has been reported is even in dispute?  What HASN'T actually been proven or admitted to?  Rodriguez is the turd in the punch bowl, and you've had too much to drink.


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Being "intentionally misleading"? Does that phrase strike a chord or are you just a bitter Mike DeBord?

Horrible record? Check

I can give you that.

NCAA sanctions? Check

As a result of an intentionally misleading article which likely would have found greater sanctions at almost any other school? Yeah, I can't give you full points.

Shady recruiting practices? Check

Any evidence for this? The closest I can come is Danny Hope's snake oil comment, which was just immaturity from an old man. No points, negative points, even. You are now attempting to be intentionally misleading as well.

Defendent in multiple lawsuits (former employers, business partners, etc)? Check

He is not a criminal, nor is he even a bad guy. On the contrary, he is an exemplary human being. He visits his players (and sick children) in hospitals and does a lot for the program which isn't appreciated by his ignorant attackers. The fact that he was a defendent means nothing. We must explore the cases individually. The WVU lawsuit was a contract disagreement, god forbid! The real estate lawsuit was not his fault. As the highest earner in the deal, he was singled out/

A punchline for national media (not just sports related)? Check

National media and morons who interpret things out of context. Don't they ban people who are incapable of expressing intelligent or informed ideas?


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What, exactly, is the offense here?

The offense should be that Rittenberg and Rome (and Groban who actually recorded the lame song for personal financial gain) get a free pass when they sit back and criticize RR for speaking his heart at an event they did not even attend. Apparently, the new rules of journalism (term used very loosely) are that it is ok to just poke around the internet and read someone else's account of an event and then vomit out an opinion because the subject matter generates ratings.


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Everyone is running with the soundbytes about the speech and song instead of actually listening to it and that has resulted in turning a moving (albeit potentially cheesy) tribute to the players that encourage their coaches and being honored to coach those fine young men and be part of that Michigan tradition into:

  • stumping for his job
  • playing girly music


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Once again the great media takes clips out of context and spins another story that paints RR in a negative light.

Listening to the whole 13 minutes I don't understand what is the big deal.  He's a passionate man and cares deeply about his team and his job so I don't blame him for getting choked up.  And he clearly says the song is a "thank you" to all those coaches, players and fans who've been supportive from day one.  

Funny thing is if he would have won 10 games this year and delievered the same exact speech last night people would be talking about how charming and passionate he is.

I support Rich Rodriguez 100% and really hope he's back next year.


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I completely forgot about this.  Rome looked like a little funk bitch when Jim went after him.  I remember Jim form his days in the the Big Ten. He used to give Bo fits.  Was that a piss stain on Rome?  What a f'ing fag.  He will be banned from my Maize and Blue radio.  GO BLUE


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God I couldn't care less about anyone else's opinion at ESPN more than Jim Rome.  Can we call Jim Everet to the stage soon?


Edit: Lost by 10 seconds to GeauxBlue as always


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I'd say Denard probably wants to play for him. And about 90 others. And given the negativity, his assembled incoming class isn't too bad. Rome is a douche and just piling on an easy target.  Lazy journalism at its finest


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Regardless of what he said today I have always wanted to punch him in the face. I am not a neanderthal or anything but the combination of his voice and his goatee seem to trigger this reaction in me. He just comes off as trying to be a smug hard ass which he is far from. I am going to change the channel now.


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reporting at a sixth grade level so that everyone can understand. Please don't purport that what they say has any merit or journalistic quality to it. And if the trend continues, Michigan will finish 9-3 next year (assuming RR is around) and then the recruits won't have any doubt.


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for the day. I just keep getting angrier by the minute. Guys like Rome and Foster are just leaches. Sucking any misfortune dry. Oh wait, thats the press in general..