Jim McElwain Appreciation Thread

Submitted by MW147 on November 9th, 2018 at 3:51 PM

There has been a huge amount of love here for Ed Warinner. All of it deserved. But I think McElwain (along with Roy Roundtree) deserve some props, too. 

We start the season losing Tarik Black, probably our #1 receiver. But the receivers, who were a disaster last year, have been more than fine. 

DPJ was a deer in the headlights last year, now he is living up to the hype. By next year he is going to be a monster. Nico, who barely played last year, has been more than serviceable. 

Ronnie Bell is showing flashes of being a future star. 

We are NOT leaning on Grant Perry this year, and that could be a good thing. 

If by some chance Pep gets a head coaching job for next season and leaves, I would not hesitate to slide McElwain into his role (if he doesn't get another job) and make Roundtree the full time WR coach. 




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Yes, seems additive to the offense this year.  Maybe not as dramatic as Coach Ed, but definitely positive development from him for the young WRs.  DPJ in particular has made great strides. 


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So first, I really really appreciate that with a former head coach on staff, there has been zero whiff of impatience, ego, or controversy. Serious props to everyone involved. 

Second, WRs last year get an incomplete, not a fail. IIRC, DPJ spent most of last year screamingly open while our QBs got sacked or missed the throw by miles...

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Agree about Jim and Roy but don't forget about Coach Ben McDaniels ( Josh's younger brother of the Patriots). He came over from the Bears and he's the first person to talk to the receivers as they come off the field. He has the nicest family also,met his wife, kids and parents over the summer. His dad's an Ohio High School Hall of Fame coach.


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It does help, of course, that DPJ and Collins are now sophomores.  Occasionally a true freshman WR can make an impact but more often they make a big jump their sophomore year.  Many of our best WRs (Tai Streets, David Terrell, Braylon Edwards, Jeremy Gallon...) were like that.  

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Not a fan of the sharkhumper; he's a shitty, petty guy.  I choose to believe the WR success is all Roy Roundtree. Or maybe just having a position coach in the first place helps as opposed to nobody coaching them last year.  But I won't be sad if he leaves. Just look at how the coaching acumen led him to force Will Grier out of Florida, which didn't really work out for him:  


"It had everything to do with Mac wanting to win with his own guy," one former Florida assistant told Bleacher Report. "Grier was [former Gators coach Will] Muschamp's recruit. We were floored by it. You've got a guy that can win big in this league at that position? Those dudes are rare. Who cares if [Grier] liked hanging around his girl more than his teammates? That was the big knock on him; he wasn't a team guy. Come on, man—because he liked spending time with his girl? We scored 38 on that Ole Miss defense with all of those NFL players!

"We knew right then it wasn't just a big gamble—it was a decision that was going to bite us all in the ass."

EDIT:  really sorry this offended people! i thought we were permitted to disagree and that downvoting was for trolling and other unreasonable behavior.  


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Yep.  Grier was hopped up on pretty much everything and got busted.  He was suspended for a year, which caused him to leave.  The quote above completely disregards that.  Instead of wanting to be around  his teammates, working out and proving himself contrite and willing to improve, he chose to hang out with his girlfriend.  I don't blame McElwein for letting him transfer out.

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Kind of shocked at the reaction here -- did anyone read the article or what it said? Grier took a store bought supplement, that doesn't make him some roided up maniac. Similarly, I didn't say he was a bad coach but a bad guy that I don't want around the program, so I'm choosing to believe it's the work of UM alumnus Roy Roundtree. 

Did we also forget how he used to shit-talk Harbaugh, or how he did everything in his power to create a controversy about having sex with a shark? I guess he's not the worst man in the world but just cuz they're playing well doesn't make him a good guy.  



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Not po poing on your post, but they were freshman last year and they had shitty QB play. A year helps with the same QB, and next year will be better. 


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Of course, which is why he does not deserve anything in the same universe of credit that Warinner does. But still, this unit was god awful last year, and lost the predicted #1 received just before the season started. 

I don't think he is a getting any prime P5 head coaching jobs as a result of what he has done here. But I do think he deserves some credit. 

I will take is a step further. Harbaugh deserves a MASSIVE amount of credit here. Coaches tend to stay within their comfort zone when hiring assistants (cough****Urban****cough). Harbaugh has shown a great willingness to step outside the box and hire people he does not have a history with. Of course Don Brown, who is the King of Defensive Coordinators, is the best hire he made. But credit JH for hiring Warinner and McElwain, 2 more guys he does not have history with. All of these guys have a pedigree and a long coaching history that could make a some coaches feel threatened. Instead, Harbaugh brings them in and uses their skills to benefit the team. 

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Proof that the Peter Principle does exist.  And that it does not have to be completely career ending for someone who got in over their heads....

Good work this year, Coach McElwain!

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