Jim Harbaugh Presser, he doesn't look bigger

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You just can't get enough of football this time of year

Zach Gentry... more and more of the subtleties of the game are coming to him... he's got the chin bob...

Historically, training camp... in the second week... there's some that are meeting that challenge better than others... that's what this week is about. It's moving week. Some guys are moving up. Some guys are moving down.

Rashan Gary... he's running as fast as some the position guys, and he's almost 300 pounds...

...You hear the plastic, you hear the sound of a good 9 on 7 drill...

Jordan Glasgow, it's hits you every day, he goes hard every play...

The offensive line is ascending nicely, coaching the heck out of it...

...They have to face that challenge, (all the players) am I good enough... is this really what I want to do...am I really strong enough, really tough enough...There's definitely guys that are rising up to the challenge. You know, there'll always be some that don't. That's where the separation comes in.

(about the new freshmen) It's a shock to go from high school football to college football... I think sometimes they wonder what they got themselves into...


22:30 minute video: https://www.facebook.com/WolverinesWire/videos/274821439772829/?hc_ref=ARTra27Nat3kL_7ARBwkJI9RkMMYi6UXJvYocHxvZ7KtAXsz5at8IAOKjrb58DqFFUc&fref=nf

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Watching the M camp program on BTN now.  Not much other than fluff so far but, DID THEY REALLY JUST SHOW THE MOON GAME AS A “MICHIGAN CLASSIC” as the lead-in?!!!

I swear I just saw a shot of Dave Fucking Brandon on Hoke’s sidelines...... uhhhhhh


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Can we habs a ferkin Michigan football game now please!!! It's been a long winter and we needs to hab Michigan Feetsball NOW. Hell-o-o-0 Gawd and are you listening? Jeebus wept for Meechigan football, but not this year.


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Who's the big guy in the non-contact jersey in the background during the early part of the interview? Onwenu?

Edit: Nevermind, thought this was the BTN interview. 


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He is carrying a bit more edge with him. I like it. He reminds me of a horse entering the box. He’s ready to go. That brings a little confidence to me. It’s like he too senses something and really wants to see if h s right. Yet, he is without the crystal ball.

Who asked that? I don’t think Coach cares for him.