Jim Harbaugh Mock Staff

Submitted by Braylon1 on January 2nd, 2011 at 1:08 PM

I'm bored....

Jim Harbaugh-HC
Cam Cameron- OC/TE
Mike Trgovac- DC
Scott Loeffler- QB
Soup Campbell- WR
Fred Jackson- RB
Teryl Austin or Vance Bedford- DB's
Glen Steele- DL
Jim Herrmann- LB (yes, i said it)

S&C- It won't be the same without Barwis.


btw, im still very much in RR's corner. this thread is just for fun... im not for letting go of a premiere football coach whose oldest recruits are sophomores when he has 20 starters back and a future Heisman winner at QB. did i mention Michigan is arguably the youngest team in the Big 10 and PSU, OSU, Iowa, and MSU all get worse?



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No, but Gittleson focused purely on the strength portion and spent very little time on conditioning.  When I came to Michigan in the late 90s I was shocked at how antiquated the "strength & conditioning" program was for all sports.  Sure the Michigan teams in the late 90s and early 00s were still pretty dominant, but this was largely because the parity of college football is not what it is today.  With so many more televised games, the rise of the recruiting services and the internet, recruiting is a lot more competitive and school's cannot simply hope to bring in top recruits on their name and prestige alone.  With a more competitive landscape, you need to be able to develop talent  and I don't believe that an old school S&C program can do that.  For the record, I don't think that Barwis is the only guy who can run a modern program.  I just don't want a return to Gittleson.


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I'm still in the Rich Rodriguez camp. It's ludicrous to expect RR to have freshmen and sophomores (his oldest full player classes) to turn around Michigan this early. Another year is deserved in my honest opinion.

I'm bored, however, and I'm not going to get my way. So, why not.


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Can we also hypothesize about what Harbaugh might wear to the press conference?!?  Polo and some khakis?  Or a shirt and tie?  Will he wear a sport coat???

I wonder what he'll wear to the first game?  THIS IS SO FUN!!!!!


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is this your dream scenario?  other than fred jackson, i don't know if we get a single guy on that list.  maybe...maybe soup comes back.


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The OP apparently has no idea that Harbaugh has no connection to "Soup." Or Loeffler. Or Jackson. He was never here when they were and given how Harbaugh has picked his staff at Stanford, I don't think he cares about what their alma mater is or what colors they've worn in previous jobs.

I could see Cameron and Trgovac just because they both have the NFL backgrounds that Harbaugh seems to like. That is about it on this Old Boy-lovin' list.


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true, however, i think that if a change is made that the new coach will keep jackson.  he'd be a big help.  he's been there forever, has a son on the team, is a quality coach and is a good recruiter.  he has no reason to leave either.  anyway, i can't believe we've taken the whole CC thing so far that we're now talking about all of these assistants.

Robbie Moore

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You are right. Getting that old band back together does not work for me. This is all for fun while we are cooling our heels, I realize.  But really...Cam Cameron? Jim Herrmann? Where is Terry Malone? Or Mike DeBord? And by the way, don't you think we could actually join the 21st Century and employ an honest to goodness special teams coach??


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I'm still trying to figure out how this JH thing got started.  Was it the Freep?  Seeing how DB and JH haven't said a word about this, does anyone know?  I guess we can still dream.


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Wow. Somebody likes inbreeding, don't they? I really hope most of that staff was a joke.

I watched a good deal of Florida vs. PSU yesterday. I'm not exactly clamoring for the quarterbacks coach from that team to be here.

Leaders And Best

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Some have moved on to the NFL (Trgovac, Cameron, Herrmann) and are not coming back to the college game.  Some have moved onto higher positions of coaching (Bedford, Hoke) and will not take a demotion.  And others I just see as having no shot of returning (Loeffler) or zero coaching experience (Steele).

I could see Erik Campbell coming back or Fred Jackson being retained.  I could see us going after Corwin Brown.  But the rest, probably not likely.  And to be honest, not worth speculating.  We haven't even officially hired Harbaugh yet.  But if we do, I have faith he will put together a young, energetic, hard working staff like the one at Stanford which is essential to thrive in the college football world today with recruiting so vital to the lifeblood of a program.  And I would prefer that over retreads and holdovers from the Carr era.  For all of Rich Rod's failures, don't forget why he was here in the first place:  Carr and his staff had reached their expiration date.

Fuzzy Dunlop

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Jim Harbaugh Mock Staff

Dammit, you Harbaugh haters are getting on my last nerve.  I don't even need to read the post, the heading says enough -- you're talking about Jim Harbaugh making fun of his staff, and you can't even use the correct verb tense, fucking Frankenstein?.  I'll bet anything your moronic post has a "Jimmy Hairball" and DUI crack in it.  Ugh, since I'm a masochist I'll read your post to prove my point . . . .

[ . . . . .]




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Not a lot (or any) blue on his current staff.   I think Jim will do things his own way and I wouldnt expect a lot of Michigan connections in the staff -  assuming he's not coaching SF, Denver, or Carolina.

Here's Harbaugh's current staff:


Jim Harbaugh - Bradford M. Freeman Director of Football/Head Coach
Lance Anderson - Linebackers/Recruiting Coordinator
Tim Drevno - Assistant Coach - Offensive Line
Vic Fangio - Assistant Coach - Defensive Coordinator/Linebackers
Pep Hamilton - Assistant Coach - Wide Receivers
Randy Hart - Assistant Coach - Defensive Line
Derek Mason - Secondary
Brian Polian - Assistant Coach - Special Teams Coordinator
Greg Roman - Associate Head Coach/Asst. Head Coach Off./TE/OT
David Shaw - Offensive Coordinator/Running Backs
Ron Lynn - Director of Player Development
Matt Doyle - Assistant AD/Director of Football Operations
Mike Eubanks - Assistant AD/Director of Football Administration
Dave Forman - Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach
Mike Gleeson - Video Director
Peter Hansen - Defensive Assistant
Nick Holz - Offensive and Football Operations Assistant
Chester McGlockton - Defensive Intern
Theresa Miraglia - Administrative Associate
Jon Oswald - Video Assistant
Jordan Sundheim - Graduate Assistant
Kevin Tolbert - Head Strength and Conditioning Coach
Shannon Turley - Sports Performance Coordinator
Morgan Turner - Strength and Conditioning Intern
Tim Wait - Recruiting Assistant
Tsuyoshi Kawata - Volunteer Staff Assistant
Aaron Moorehead - Offensive Assistant
Steve Wisniewski - Strength and Conditioning Intern