Jim Harbaugh interview on the Herd

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Just listened to Jim Harbaugh on the Herd. Harbaugh talked about Andrew Luck, and how he thought he was perfect. He also said he thought his own wife was perfect as well (some early suck-up to Sara for a move to the frigid tundra??).

He said being a college player was the biggest joy of his life and being a coach is his second biggest joy. When asked if Stanford was "big enough" for him, he said absolutely. He's lucky to be around the players he has. When asked about the Michigan football banquet and his being the hottest property in coaching he said  his dad told him to just coach his team and not to talk about any other team or anyone else's job. He's just focused on coaching his team. 

Jim very effectively deflected the question about Michigan. Never directly answered that he wouldn't be attending the 1985 reunion at the football bash.



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For those that care about my opinion (and for those that do not, you are definitely not alone), this is how a thread/post about Harbaugh should be done.  Simply state facts and inform the rest of us that do not have access to the information.  No personal opinions to detract from the overall very useful message.

CRISPed in the DIAG

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Harbaugh has square jaw that just doesn't translate in a radio interview.  IMHO, Harbaugh's jaw is comparatively square with Dantonio's - a definite plus in the critical in-state recruiting war. "/s"

Dr. Defense

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I wish I would have known that was on. I'll look for the podcast. I really hope we hear something either way pretty soon, but I don't think that's gonna happen.

Ghost of Bo

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It's clear to me that Jim Harbaugh is Harvey Dent. He is a shining, white light of hope for many in the community. His charisma, square jaw, and natural charm have won over the public.

However, Coach Rod is the fucking Batman. He's the hero Ann Arbor deserves, but not the one it needs right now. So we'll hunt him, because he can take it. He's not a Harbaugh.

He is silently working to improve our fledgling defense and futher fortify what will become the most spectacular offense in college football. He's an intense genius who is driven by his compulsion to vanquish evil.

The rest of the cast are as follows:

Dave Brandon = Commissioner Gordon

Mark Dantonio = The Riddler (notice the color green)

Lloyd Brady = Robin

GERG = Alfred Pennyworth

Schembechler Hall = The Batcave

Jim Tressel = The Joker

Ghost of Bo

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Rich Rodriguez is Bruce Wayne, obviously. Though he isn't exactly a billionaire playboy, his cool demeanor is a ruse all its own. The press, the fans, and the public at large have no idea just how intense and determined he is. It borders on obsession.

10 bucks says Coach Rod drives the tumbler to the Sparty game next year.


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Saying "My dad" or "mom" told me to say or do blank when you are issuing a denial or skirting a question is a good way to go about it.  He wants to be out there promoting Stanford right now because of the bowl ramifications, but then has to find ways to deal with the same questions.

He picked a good strategy.