Jim Harbaugh is a Hero - Follow-Up

Submitted by The Mad Hatter on March 5th, 2015 at 8:45 AM

Just a follow-up piece.  Apparently the victim didn't know who was helping her until later when a state cop told her that it was Jim Harbaugh, football coach extraordinaire and part-time EMT, who came to her rescue.

Sounds like the accident was pretty bad, so kudos to JH for stopping to help.




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Weird, right? Didn't Clark Kent ever have to remove his glasses to clean them? You'd think someone, like maybe a reporter at the Daily Planet, who typically has responsibility for observing things, would have noticed a strong resemblance to Superman, but no...

The Mad Hatter

March 5th, 2015 at 9:56 AM ^

is my problem with the superman franchise.  Not that he's an alien with God like powers, that's totally fine.  But the sum total of his disguise is a pair of glasses.

I wear glasses.  And I look pretty much the same with them on as I do when they're off.  

/also batman only covers half his face.


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If you are thinking about it that in depth, you are doing comic books wrong. Everyone in Gotham should know that the only person that has the money to hide a plane, numerous motorcycles, and the batmobile would be Bruce Wayne. Add on to the fact that he is all over Gotham TV's and the news talking about his company and apparently no one knows his voice when he talks as batman, or if you believe the latest movies, no one knows that he just talks in a raspy voice.

Comic books are ridiculous in nature, so focusing on superman's glasses as a disguise defeats the purpose. Plus, you totally forgot about the curl in his hair. It's a genuis disguise.


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Everyone in Gotham should know that the only person that has the money to hide a plane, numerous motorcycles, and the batmobile would be Bruce Wayne.

That actually was the logic used by the villain Egghead (portrayed by Vincent Price) in the old Batman TV series. Egghead kidnaps three of the richest men in Gotham who are the correct age as Batman. From those three, one is left-handed, whereas he's observed Batman to be right-handed, and the other has a French accent, which leaves Bruce Wayne as the only candidate to be Batman.


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There actually is a simple, logical, and plausible explanation circulated around the internet for why the world in general doesn't realize that Superman and Clark Kent are the same person.

  1. The general public is not aware that Superman lives among them in disguise as an ordinary human.  All the public really knows about Superman is that he shows up when there is trouble and then he's gone.  He doesn't wear a mask, so he must always be existing somewhere as Superman, there's not evidence to the contrary.  Therefore, there is no motivation for anyone to speculate about or try and discover a secret identity that nobody is aware exists.
  2. Nobody really knows what Superman looks like, because they aren't 3rd person observers of his exploits like a comic book reader.  The average person never encounters Superman in his or her daily life, and if you do, it's probably Superman doing something off in the distance or flying overhead.  Very few people encounter Superman up close and personal and even those instances are brief.  Nobody is sitting down in a cafe and having a conversation over a cup of coffee with Superman.
  3. Even if Superman were photographed and even if that photograph made it into a newspaper, it's not likely that photo comes with an accompanying photo of Clark Kent right next to it.  Superman isn't a media celebrity stopping and posing for the paparazzi.
  4. Clark Kent is not a famous person.  The average guy on the street doesn't know who Clark Kent is or what he looks like.  If you were one of the select few persons who were to ever meet both Superman and Clark Kent in person, it probably wasn't in close succession.  In which case, Clark's disguise might lead you to a, "...he kinda looks like..." moment, but doesn't lead to an epiphany that Clark Kent is Superman in disguise.  Think about it, most people resemble somebody famous.

Now, of course, this explanation breaks down for that small group of people who actually have a personal relationship with both Superman and Clark Kent, like Lois Lane.  In this instance, it's preposterous to believe that Clark's disguise could be in any way effective, and of course, that aspect of the Superman canon was adjusted accordingly in the last "Man of Steel" movie.

So it's not really so implausible to believe that the majority of folks never put it together that Clark Kent and Superman are the same guy.


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I don't know which one of you to upvote more: SaveFerris for the in-depth commitment to the subject, or you for the brilliant putaway.

+1 and a tip of my Bo-style UM hat to you both.