Jim Harbaugh fires back at Tim Brando

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Tim Brando had this to say yesterday in response to Jim Harbaugh's criticism to Purdue's visitor locker room:


The entire Twitter conversation in the above link is pretty good. Brando looks like a fool trying to defend his comments.

Our Beloved Jim Harbaugh fires back:


Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't Harbaugh provide a depth chart days before the first game with Florida? Where's the beef? And how does that have anything to do with player safety?



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God, the whole depth chart thing is such a non-issue. There are a million sources on the internet to get a depth chart & roster for Michigan football. Including right here.


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responds publicly when confronted with incongruent comparisons and baseless allegations. 

Harbaugh has earned a reputation for responding to this sort of thing.  If you make incongruent comparisons or baseless allegations, you can expect them to be publicly exposed.

Then again, difficulty understanding and adapting is why they are rightly called "tools"  in the first instance.


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At the risk of getting downvoted to hell, I don't think it's necessarily an incongruent comparison.

I've seen multiple talking heads make this argument: Harbaugh has a reputation for eking out every competitive advantage he possibly can, including withholding depth charts, not announcing a starting QB, etc.  Which is fine, but if you're going to tow that line, you would be hypocritical to criticize your opponent for eking out a competitive advantage by providing you with a torn up medical table from the 1920's, or not giving you A/C in your locker room.

The counter argument from the Michigan camp is what Harbaugh is complaining about is a health and safety issue for players, and the line for eking out competitive advantages should be drawn at health and safety issues, which is exactly what Harbaugh said.

The counter-counter argument from the other side is, a torn up table is not a health and safety issue as long as the table is functional.  Not having A/C is not a health and safety issue, it's a convenience issue.  Having to keep the door open to the locker room isn't a health and safety issue, it's a personal privacy issue.

I agree with Harbaugh that eking out competitive advantages should not cross the health and safety line and would go further and say it shouldn't cross the chicken-shit line of A/C in locker rooms either, but the chicken-shit line is highly subjective so it's hard to define what falls on one side versus the other.  I'm just throwing some charity to the talking heads.


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I would consider a torn up training table as absolutely a possible health concern.  I took it to mean a table with a vinyl cover that has tears.  That would make it nearly impossible to sanitize. Also, what about no available brace that Harbaugh mentioned.  Notice that Purdue never addressed those two issues.


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One word for your uninformed stupid ass. M.E.R.S.A. and since i have allready concluded you are not very bright. Staph infection. Newsome gets hurt at purdue he has one leg today. Why don't you go run your opinion by him. Another word for you DEHYDRATION which leads to another word DEATH. I am sure you never competed in any sport except maybe intramural ping pong but catching mersa or dehydration can lead to death. How hard is it to run air conditioning and sanitize and clean a locker room. Like I wrote before for the asholes that call this gamesmanship fine. Michigan should close the visiting facilities to purdue and they can tape up at billy bob's pig farm down the road or maybe just paint it pink, fill it full of  feces and rotting dead animals, break thousands of bottles and fill it full of scrapnel. I meen I am kidding, but where does it end. I bet any money you have air conditioning. Jamming all those bodies in their worthless shithole had to push the tempature to extremely dangerous temps even for the coaches who were not playing. Go run your bullshit by Kory Stringers family and see how it flies. I would have loved to look over at you why we were preparing for a 15 mile forced march with 70 pound packs. I'll bet money the D.I.'s would be yelling over your carcass five miles down the road.


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Irrational POV.

You honestly don't see the difference between the health and safety of the players vs. providing information about your team to third parties?

Had Grant Newsome's injury happened at Purdue, would he have lost his leg? How is the failure to provide adequate medical facilities (even starting with a clean and functional table) a competitive advantage? Let me help you, it's not. It's borderline negligence.


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I got banned by him over this yesterday.  I replied something to the effect of "Some people simply can't admit when they're wrong, but please understand that this was an incredibly stupid take."

Then he blocked me.  What a loser.

yossarians tree

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My take is this: what Brando really didn't like was the optics of Harbaugh taking a shot at his opponents after his victory. Big Michigan picking on poor little Purdue. I think Harbaugh was pissed at that maniacal DC for Purdue who looked like Ed Harris on a meth binge and had two guys kicked out for targeting and should have been a third.


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I never understood why revenues are shared. Make your own money!!. These second class institutions leech off certain schools and then disrespect them with deplorable shaby conditions. Why would institutions such as osu, psu and Michigan ever agree to share revenues and how long has this practice been inplace?. Really makes no sense to me and maybe if this practice is discussed to end you may see a little more respect. Of course i don't know shit.


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that can compete is good for Michigan and OSU. They both recognize that the Big 10 is important and the only way to keep the Big 10 is to split the funding evenly, even if that means Michigan and OSU leave money on the table.  Otherwise you leave a situation that could lead to the Big 10 turning into the MAC. 

It is rediculous that when the schools don't then invest in their product to make it better.  Purdue should be embarrassed. Defending their position after record breaking money deals is even more embarrassing. 

The Krusty Kra…

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is the language in Harbaugh's tweet. I get the message but it seems a little discombobulated off the top. Also Nick Baumgardner's tweet about "Iron Unkind" someone explain that to me please.


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I've become really impressed with Harbaugh as a person.  He's definitely one of the smartest men in football.  When he takes a stand, it's consistently for sound, rational reasons.  I think a lot of members of the media (like Brando) find him intimidating.  


True Blue Grit

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media tools can't look past the superficial aspects of how and in what context Harbaugh is making the comments, and completely miss the main issue or topic he's raising.  They do no original or analytical thinking on the issue and just spout off about Harbaugh this, or Harbaugh that.  Look at that clown on the 247 sports show in the link in the OP talking about how Harbaugh came off as "whiny".  He doesn't bring up any of the specifics about why Harbaugh raised the issue - which are legitimate:  lack of AC on a day well into the 90's, 2 toilets for over 90 guys, a garbage dumpster right outside the open door of the locker room, antiquated training tables and other equipment, lack of available medical facilities, etc.  No, he probably didn't even read anything about it or think about it at all.  Just another chance to take a shot at Harbaugh.  


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 seems to be the main take on this by alot of people. so  im confused, maybe i am out of touch with the world now. if you point out something is wrong, not what it should be. and call for a way to fix it and bring everbody up to a certain standard, that is whining?

  one of the main comments i have heard is " nobody else has complained about it, so why such an issue now? harbaugh has not been to purdue in over 30 years. and it hasnt changed in that time. if anyone would have the correct perspective on it , it would be harbaugh.