Jim Harbaugh compared to "a shot of Jack followed by a blast of cocaine" in Psychology Today

Submitted by Blueblood2991 on August 16th, 2015 at 10:56 PM

Interesting read in Psychology Today that attempts to explain the nationwide infatuation with the Harbaugh hire.



In terms of neurochemicals, we can think of dopamine as a shot of JD, adrenaline as a blast of cocaine taken immediately after the shot of Jack, and the brain as someone that is not quite back from Woodstock yet. That is why we love an underdog and a long shot (the longer the better) because underdogs produce larger neurochemical rewards.[25-31] Harbaugh coming to Michigan was a mother lode of variable reinforcement, rich with dopamine and adrenaline for the brain.



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Truth. The ACT writing section prep books explain that as long as you use decent grammar, force in a couple large words, and make up some famous quote, you'll get a perfect score on your writing section. The takeaway, imo, is that so few 11th graders know elementary grammar that it quickly teases out that you're a 95+ percentile student. Nuts.