Jim Harbaugh is Bo-like and Player's Favorite Coach

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For those reading MGoBlog, the similarities between Jim Harbaugh and Bo Schembechler are well known, but when Rick Leach makes that comparison, it carries greater weight:

"So much (is similar) about their personalities and their makeup," Leach said. "I've already told some of my close friends that they are different people and I would never want to compare, but personality wise, the way they approach the game, their commitment, their drive."

Leach goes on to discuss his relationship with Jim, and how appreciative Jack and Jackie Harbaugh were for the time he spent with Jim while at Michigan.  It is well worth the read.



The fact that players appreciate Harbaugh's coaching is no surprise either, but it's still nice to hear, especially when it's coming from one of Harbaugh's former players who has nothing to gain by praising him.  San Francisco 49er Bruce Miller has this to say of Harbaugh:

Jim Harbaugh is my favorite coach that I’ve ever had, and I thrived under his leadership. He was an outstanding teacher with an unrivaled knowledge of the game. He brought energy that most coaches just don’t have, and really knew how to get the most out of his players.

Coach Harbaugh lives and breathes football. He loved football so much that he simply couldn’t contain himself or hold it in. In meetings and at practice, he was exactly the way he appeared on the sidelines as games — full of emotion and intensity. He set the tone for the entire team, and the expectation that every player would be equally as focused.

Miller wrote the article himself, and focuses primarily on the NFL Combine and the strategy he took to earn a contract as a late round draftee, but near the end does talk about Harbaugh.





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We need a decoder ring to figure out all the sites we are "not allowed to link".

Maybe we be a little less sensitive and let people figure out for themselves who is full of shit and who is not?

Just a thought.

People on MGoBlog are reasonably sophisticated and may not even need the benevolent censorship.



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The problem with some readers her at mgoblog is being too simplistic. There are occasionally good articles or true news at virtually any outlet . . . including the Freep, BR, and Chatsports. In this particular case, it is hard to be overcritical about something written by a former player and athlete. People need to use common sense, and ask, is there good analysis? Is there news that isn't clearly covered elsewhere? If the answer is "yes," a link and a post should be fine.


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People like me need those rules in place.  Without them I'd click on every link all willy-nilly and then would be forced to accept, as Gospel fact, anything I read.  Why, without those rules I'd have already sent all my life savings to a Nigerian prince to help him get his $20,000,000,000 out of country.



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Harbaugh embodies all of the traits that Michigan fans love in our program...hard work, innovative thinking, team spirit and competition...not to !mention a relentless goal of winning every damn game!


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Mea Culpa for the link to Chatsports.  I completely forgot about that site and the idiot who ran it.  I will say, though, that the current Chatsports seems to be quite different now that it is part of Sports Illustrated than it used to be.